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Top News Headlines - 2012

December 2012

California Passes Elective Office Felony Conviction Law

Ever Wonder Where Your Tax Dollars Go?

How Taxes Really Work in America

Why the Fiscial Cliff Disaster is a Joke

New Study- Cannabis can make patients less bothered by pain

Diabetes remission possible with diet, exercise

Former Mayor Aide Charged With 5 Felonies For Misuse Of City Credit Card

72 Percent of Americans follow local news closely

Audit of California state agencies shows waste, bribery

CBO-s shocking report on government borrowing

U.S. Medicine Resembles a -Vampire Economy- Surgeon Writes

Visualize the fiscal cliff

Full Time Work Disappearing in California

Half Your Paycheck To The Government In 2013

Lawsuit filed over planned construction near local ranches

Time to Focus on the Real Unemployment Rate

When the World Was Mad About Brubeck_ Dave Brubeck, 1920-2012

November 2012

Bankruptcy filings by California cities may rein in pensions

CalPERS Response to Dan Walters Column

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Congratulate Obama On Election Win

Facts According to CalPERS, Jerry Brown

What are the highest costs of State government in California

California car insurance rates can vary by a third for same policy

California Voter Stats.pdf

CalPERS Retiree Annual Pensions Chart.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - A New Political Way

ALERT! - Hard-rock gold mining returns to Sutter Creek

How the Electoral College works

October 2012

California ballot measures draw free-spending billionaires

Cautionary pension tale of a bankrupt city

Media coverage of attack in Libya called into question

Reporters should keep their politics to themselves

ALERT! - Do not Let Mortgage Fraud Happen to You

NEWS FLASH! - Sutter Gold Mining Starts Underground Work at Gold Mine

NEWS FLASH! - Small Child Saved from Dangerous Drugs, Guns - Arrests Made in Moke Hill

A message from AWA General Manager Gene Mancebo

China's Secret War- Understanding Chinese perspective

Who Owns America-s Debt

Protecting the Right to Vote and Prosecuting Ballot Fraud

The Amador Water Agency Proposed System Wide Rate Structure

NEWS FLASH! - Sutter Gold Mining Gets 12 Million Dollar Loan to Stay Open

91 year-old Mayor Admits to $200,000 Theft

NEWS FLASH! - Foundation Entering Escrow to Purchase 1100 Acre Greilich Ranch

ALERT! - Groups Challenge Federal Government Decision on Plymouth Casino

ALERT! - California sees more fatal DUI crashes in wine regions

ALERT! - Controversial Strip Mine, Asphalt Plant Approved in California

The community deserves honest and accountable public officials

Disscusion about the details Regarding Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Jim Scully Explains Why He is Opposed to the Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Opponents of Newman Ridge Project Speak Pt 1 (audio)

Opponents of Newman Ridge Project Speak Pt 2 (audio)

ALERT! - SEIU Files Unfair Labor Practices Lawsuit Against Amador county

Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians Invests in Repairing Parks of Amador County

Cleaning up Old Mining Sites and New Ones (audio)

Newman Ridge Project Appellants Give Closing Statement (audio)

What are the Local Issues near the Newman Ridge Project in Ione Pt 1 (audio)

What are the Local Issues near the Newman Ridge Project in Ione Pt 2 (audio)

Major Developer tells His Story About Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Newman Ridge Project Spokesman Tells Their Story (audio)

Local Mine Worker Discusses Newman Ridge project (audio)

Local concerns about School Children and the Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Amador Air District Responds to Newman Ridge Project Issues (audio)

Amador Air District Responds to Newman Ridge Project Issues, Again (audio)

Did the Board Make a Zoning Exception for the Newman Ridge Project? (audio)

NEWS FLASH! - Gold Rush Ranch Owners Want to Sell Out

ALERT! - Amador Supervisors Disclose they met Major Developer Before Public Hearing (audio)

Why Supervisor Plasse Denied the Appeal of Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Why Supervisor Forster Denied the Appeal of Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Why Supervisor Novelli Denied the Appeal of Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Why Supervisor Boitano Denied the Appeal of Newman Ridge Project (audio)

Local Rancher Explains Her Side of Newman Ridge Project in Ione (audio)

Not in My Backyard- 94-Year-Old Fights Proposed Strip Mine

NEWS FLASH! - Amador Supervisors Will Allow County Workers to Vote Against SEIU (audio)

NEWS FLASH! - Amador County Website is Wrong- Amador Supervisors Audio of Meetings Does Work

ALERT! - Amador Supervisors Respond to Grand Jury Report

Is America in Decay?

Conservative Analysis of California Ballot Propositions 2012.pdf

Another California City faces fiscal emergency

ALERT! - Election Crimes and the FBI

Home sales would rise with sensible lending standards

Is Applying for Jobs Online an Effective Way to Find Work

Who Thinks Economic Climate Not to Blame for Companies Leaving Cal

NEWS FLASH! - Bar Fight Ends in Gunfire

FBI Discusses Corruption in City Hall

Former IRS examiner arrested in corruption case

Voters to decide if supervisors need term limits

Calif. gov. OKs bill on illegal immigrant licenses

Major upcountry pump fails- AWA cautions conservation

Realignment Dramatically Cuts Size of California Prison Population

September 2012

NEWS FLASH! - Amador county Woman Arrested for Arson

Another California city scrambling to avoid bankruptcy

The FBI Discusses Insider Trading

The FBI Discusses Investigating Insurance Fraud

Vote No on the Newman Ridge Quarry and Edwin Center North Projects

City of Ione Faces Huge Fine from State Over Sewer

ALERT! - The FBI Discusses Internet Fraud

ALERT! - 4 of 5 Take Plea Deal in Amador County Pot Slaying

Big Hydropower Potential in Small Projects

Mayor, Brother and Associate Arrested for Conspiracy to Extort Bribes

The FBI Discusses Cracking Down on Public Corruption (2005)

ALERT! - The FBI Discusses Public Corruption Now

China's Secret War- How to Spot a Possible Economic Espionage Threat

County Workers Protested Layoffs in the Middle of Bargaining Over Layoffs?!?

They Sold Out Their Union, Got Rich, Now Go to Jail

What California state workers pay in union dues and fees

NEWS FLASH! - Suspect Charged- exhibiting a firearm, resisting or obstructing peace officer

Average California farm real estate value is 7,200 dollars per acre

More students leaving California forácollege

USA health care system wastes 750 Billion dollars a year

AWA Argues Grand Jury Facts, Findings and Recommendations

David Plank announces he is not running for office in November

Gold Mine Planned to Reopen in Fall

Gold Mine Plans Shelved for Grass Valley

Gold Mining Corporation Updates Idaho-Maryland Project

Mayor and others arrested in FBI corruption probe

Initiative to Make Health Insurance Companies Justify Rates Should Have Qualified

NEWS FLASH! - The B.O.S. Millionaire's Club - Richard Forester

Amador county Conflict of Interest Code.pdf

SEC to Monitor Stockton Bankruptcy

Chinas Secret War - Stealing Trade Secrets from Manufacturing

NEWS FLASH! - Is Ted Novelli A Million Dollar Man?

NEWS FLASH! - Multi-Million Dollar Man Maurice John Plasse III

NEWS FLASH! - The B.O.S. Millionaires Club - Introduction

Cal FPPC Revised Gift Rules Simpler, More Stringent

NEWS FLASH! - Sutter Gold Gets Much Needed Use Permit Changes

Amador Planning Approves Proposed Ione Quarry and Asphalt Plant

August 2012

Late Letters and Responses to Newman Ridge Project - August 28, 2012

Staff Report - Newman Ridge Project - August 28, 2012

Sutter Gold Truck Route August 26 2012

California Scientists examine vulnerability to climate change

More about the Coast2Coast Rx card

ALERT! - AWA Board Approves 200,000 Dollar A Year For General Manager

AWA Consolidation Bad for Ratepayers

NEWS FLASH! - A County Official Pleads Guilty to Accepting Huge Bribes

ALERT! - Overview of California Open Meeting Laws

The Reagan Remedy for Medicaid

ALERT! - 45 Percent Water Rate Increases at AWA - For What??

NEWS FLASH! - Former SEIU leader charged with fraud

NEWS FLASH! - Five ATF officials found responsible for Fast and Furious

Growers in Sutter and Yuba Can not Find Workers For Harvest

July 2012

Foothill kids behind state in college preparedness

Give law enforcement the tools to fight meth

TARP Was Even Worse Than You Think

City of Jackson Releases DEI Report on Wastewater Project

Police open criminal investigation into former mayors aide

Writing foreclosure settlement into Cal law

June 2012

Sierra Club Declares War on Natural Gas

May 2012

Amador County Government employees face possible cuts this Monday

Union Urges County to Adopt Responsible Budget

NEWS FLASH! - BIA Approves Ione Band Gaming Land Application

Free Ethics Training Session for Public Officials

April 2012

NEWS FLASH! - Small town comptroller accused of stealing millions

Next Great Depression- MIT predicts global economic collapse by 2030

NEWS FLASH! - Top Obama Campaign Donor Accused Of Fraud

Ratepayer Protection Alliance Responds to AWA Rate Increase

March 2012

City manager says he is not needed, lays Himself off

Nitrate in drinking water raises health concerns for rural Californians

UK Project to Clean Up the Use of Coal

Dark matters odd behavior baffles astronomers

Former El Dorado Deputy Sheriff Accused Of Multiple Crimes

Fed Shrugged Off Warnings, Let Banks Pay Shareholders Billions

Smoke From Jack In The Box Fire Causes 4-Car Crash

NEWS FLASH! - Amador Supervisor Novelli in collision, life-flighted to hospital but now "Fine"

February 2012

Famed Local Politian Norman Waters passed away

Ione Recall - Why vote for Ione city council Dave Plank??

Volunteers Save Cities Billions, But Unions Cry Foul

Cal Redistricting Shenanigans Catch Eye of Ethics Committee

How Citibank Dumped Lousy Mortgages on the Government

SEC Warns Top Banker of Charges Over Magnetar Deal

Survey Majority of Americans Support Reforms to Federal Regulatory Process

The Best, Most Revealing Reporting on the Foreclosure Crisis

Two Wall Street Players Ensnared in New Probe

Amador County Does Some Triple Backflips

Special Report- Towns Go Dark with Post Office Closings

Suprise- Iones New Sewer Plant Fiasco

Improving athletic fields around Amador County

Farms of Amador - Inspiration for Year-Round Food Production

8 Affordable Water Solutions for California

Farm Leader Calls for Practical, Effective Immigration Solutions

Amador County Planning Commission Medical Marijuana Ordinance.pdf

How Financial Regulation Can Work

Shocking statistics- how many things really are made in America

Why Millions Wont Get Help From Big Mortgage Settlement

Colorado Redistricting Had Inside Help

Deadlines for Individuals Filing for County Offices Posted

Dedication set for Margaret Dalton Childrens Center

Grant Makes Forest Restoration Major Focus

Bets Against Homeowners Must Stop, Freddie Mac Was Told

Why Fannie and Freddie Are Hesitating to Help Homeowners

Freddie Macs Regulator Says Trades Were Shut Down Because To Risky

NEWS FLASH! - Top Obama Adminisration officials connected to mortgage banks

SEC Probes Deutsche Banks -Crap- Subprime CDOs

Missing MF Global Customer Funds May Have Vaporized

Goldman Sachs Employees On Bonus Day

Industries The U.S. Has Lost To China

January 2012

Freddie Mac Bets Against American Homeowners

American Cities Nearly Destroyed by the Recession

NEWS FLASH! - Millions in New Transportation Funding to Drive Economic Growth

Common Household Chemicals Might Harm Kids Immunity

Farm leader- Arrest of animal terrorists must be high priority

NEWS FLASH! - Helicopter Air Ambulance Service Closes Jackson Base

A Citizens Guide to LAFCOs.pdf

Plymouth Plans Big Development in Great Recession

Amador Land Use Committee January 19 2012.pdf

We Need to Prepare Workers for Well-Paid, High-Quality Jobs

What could the America of yesterday teach the America of tomorrow?

Still Waiting for Cleanup in Foreclosure Mess

Top News Headlines - 2011

December 2011

City of Sutter Creek Sewer Committee 12-5-2011.pdf

City of Sutter Creek Meeting 12-05-2011.pdf

Animal Rights Activists Aim to Eliminate All Dog and Cat Breeding in Texas

California Teen Wins Challenge to Envision Helicopter of the Future

NASA Finds Merging Tsunami Doubled Japan Destruction

New Study Highlights Importance of Workplace Skills Education

Occupy Wall Street - A Passing Fad

November 10 2011

The 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rates

Tribes not banking on just casinos anymore

What About the Train

What does it take

October 2011

Amador County Interest in a College - Survey Results 2011.pdf

Buena Vista Rancheria Gets Notice to Proceed with Casino Construction

UPDATE: Medical Pot Growers Need to be More Careful

UPDATE: Five Charged WIth Fatally Shooting Marijuana Farm Worker

NEWS FLASH! - Murder charges in slaying of marijuana garden attendant

NEWS FLASH! - SMUD drops solar highways project

AG Asks Feds for Restraint on Medical Pot

California Adopts Cap-And-Trade Plan

California manufacturer eyes move to Nevada

Sutter Gold Plans Drilling to Expand Its Lincoln Mine Project

NEWS FLASH! - Just Tell the Truth

U.S. Must Act Now to Save Higher Education

The Hungry, Out of Work and Homeless

Banks Use Small Biz Funds to Pay Off TARP Debt

How to follow politics online

You do not trust this article, according to media bias study


Supervisors Succinctly Second Salacious Salary

News in Amador county California- Part one

News in Amador county California- Part two

News in Amador county California- Part three

News in Amador county California- Part four

Fish Bowl Politics - A tale of two counties

Fish Bowl Politics - How technology has changed everything

Fish Bowl Politics - News We Can Use

Fish Bowl Politics - Grading the Supervisors

Amador County SWOT Analysis and Place Word Associations

The Amador County Casino Ruling in Full- May 6 2011

Big victory for the Mokelumne River

Amador County Indian Gaming Local Benefits Committee

Audit Report Claims Ione prison staff cheated on time cards

Sutter Amador moves pediatric center because of radiation concern

How should we fix your aging and failing water system

Second Look- CAWP rate increase...again Is AWA confused

Amador Learning Center - Affordable college for all

Bugs in the Deepest Darkest Depths of Tahoe Disappearing

Amador County Cited for Misuse of Casino Funds

Schnell School Recovering from Tragic Shooting

A friendship and a Life end over misunderstanding


Concern the current budget fiasco will end up like the last

Catching Wild Pigs

UC Davis study- Girls less likely to get on kidney transplant list

Report- Sacramento area lags in economic recovery

Schwarzenegger Says Commutation Was to Help Friend

Go Solar California Consumer Guide.pdf

Solar Water Heating Fact Sheet.

Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Systems

For Higher Education Achievement, Provide Access and Affordability

Overregulation is making it harder for employers to invest in California


In Fine Print, Banks Require Struggling Homeowners to Waive Rights

Regulators Inch Forward on Investigations, Settlements of Dubious CDO Dealings

China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

SEC Charges Six Executives With Financial Fraud

Deutsche Bank faces U.S. mortgage fraud lawsuit

A Note on ProPublicas Second Pulitzer Prize

We Need to Invest in Tomorrow

60 Minutes Video - Extra Eviction reprieve

Lawsuit Reveals How a Middleman Is Blocking Mortgage Modifications for Homeowners

By the Numbers: A Revealing Look at the Mortgage Mod Meltdown

Brief Video Training Dramatically Boosts Hands-Only CPR Attempts

Most BPA-Free Products Found to Leach Chemicals

Accusations of Fraudulent Mortgage Documents Led Citigroup to Settle

Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners

American Public Shows How It Would Cut the Budget Deficit

New Documents Show Hedge Fund Magnetar Influenced Deal, Despite Denials

Govt's Loan Mod Program Crippled by Lax Oversight and Deference to Banks

Bank of America sued by mortgage investors for massive fraud

Top News Headlines - 2010

Amador County News In Review 2010

Top News Headlines - 2009

China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

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China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

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