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May 20, 2009

Thank You for stopping by the site, if You need to contact Me for information reach Me at Twitter.
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Also, if there are any stories that You think are not being covered by Ďthe good old guys & galsí media, drop Me an email and Iíll see if I can research it.

Or even better, maybe You have a piece that You want to publish, send me a copy and Iíll see what I can do. All local stories will receive priority listing, other topics and issues will be listed in this order:

Amador county - top priority

El Dorado county & Surrounding counties - high priority

California State news - medium priority

National news - low-medium priority


How the News is Created pt 1 -
How to report a news story online

How the News is Created pt 2 -
What are the ethics of online journalism

How the News is Created - pt 3
Reporter's Ethics Check list

How the News is created pt. 4 -
False Report Relied on Faulty Sourcing

How the News is created pt. 5 -
Producing news copy

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