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Aug. 2008 -

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One reason for beginning this news section, and the area of coverage, was the realization that even though the national news media now have unlimited resources, the quality of news reports have degraded. Why? I contend laziness, it is too easy to ’subscribe to AP, then cut and paste Your favorite political and financial pet causes.’ This is no way to edit to an intelligent audience. Meanwhile, local news is being cutback or avoids reporting on the sponsors...a 'keep alive and don't bite the hand that feeds You' mentality.

I personally became so tired of searching for intelligent and creditable news stories through conventional media, that it occurred to Me it would be better to sift the stories from original sources. Then, I could avoid the current news model; search and read one hundred news stories, just to find one good one.

Better to return to old fashion beat reporting, unvarnished raw sources, then let the public decide. No coverage of the same stories others do, over and over again. But a driven desire to dig up fresh and unusual pieces, that reflect real life, not a commercialized version. That’s real news.

Aug. 2009 -

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Well, it has been a year, and so far so good. The daily operations are going to be scaled back a bit. The new publishing schedule is changing to a tri-weekly newspaper, in order to do more in-depth reporting on the local level. Meanwhile, the focus of the newspaper will remain on important issues of the day, like renewable energy, education, health and California politics.

And remember, electronic newspapers save trees!!! So use them whenever You can.

April 2010 -

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Month long hiatus - Changed coverage area of news to Amador and Eldorado counties, dropped Calaveras county coverage and went back to daily news coverage. Then, redesigned the website...

Oct. 2010 -

Mixing up the different Mikes

Sometimes, people get things mixed up. Take for instance this example below;

The image of Me, Mike (W.) Boitano, the editor and publisher of Amador County News;

This is an image of Mike (E.) Boitano - Amador County Ag Commissioner
Mike Boitano - Amador County Ag Commissioner (photo-TSPN)

Amador County Weights & Measures
Contact Information
Sealer: Michael E. Boitano
Address: 12200 B Airport Road Jackson, CA 95642
Phone: (209) 223-6831
Fax: (209) 223-3312
Business Hours: Mon-Thur 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Amador County Agriculture
Contact Information
Agricultural Commissioner Michael E. Boitano
Address: 12200-B Airport Rd Jackson, CA 95642
Phone: (209) 223-6487
Fax: (209) 223-3312
Business Hours: Mon-Thur 7:30 AM - 5 PM
Friday By Appointment

April 2011 -

Spring Cleaning and New Designs

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Well, it's time for spring cleaning, so I decided to try something new on the website(s) in the design department.

So far, while everything is running smoothly, it is taking some time to do and the news may suffer a little. Also, more in-depth articles and editorials will begin to make more appearences in the coming months, so check back often and thanks for Your interest.

Jan. 2012

Two Month long hiatus -

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Two Month long hiatus - The news website is now back online after a two month long hiatus by the managing editor. Fortunately, it was a very slow news cycle, so I decided to take some new classes online. I hope to write more about it later, but for now, there is more investigating to be done.

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