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The Syrian Question

WARNING: Some of the following contents may be too graphic for a general audience

The Syrian Question:
Ed/OP By M. W. Boitano

What will happen to the Syrian People? Will there be more war? Will the Peace Conference make much of a difference?

Let's first take a look at what some of the Syrian People think for Themselves;

Syrians express their hopes ahead of Geneva II conference - YouTube (4:52 mins)

Syria Peace Conference Geneva II Begins With Bitter Speeches - 22 January 2014 - YouTube (4:57 mins)

Now, We have all seen the protests against the war, We have all hear about the Peace conference this week and We have all heard about the terrorist threat amonst the various rebel groups.

hands off Syria protests

A swimming pool in Syria. It appears for some, life is good.

A Syrian Rebel

But have You heard and seen anything about the latest details, the fact that Assad ordered the torture and execution style murders of over ten thousand people?

Maybe You missed it, the world is a busy place these days, it is hard to focus on the big picture in International politics;

EXCLUSIVE Gruesome Syria photos may prove torture by Assad regime -

Crisis in Syria What Oxfam is doing Oxfam International

Syrian Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons Used on Syrian Children

Syrian Who Ordered It

Aleppo, Syria

Some doubt Chemical Attacks

War protesters

"The Syria Question - Should the U.S. use military force against the Syrian government in response to their use of chemical weapons?"

Yes Answers (61,074 votes - 26%)

15% - Yes.
7% - Yes, but only with cooperation from the United Nations
2% - Yes, but only with strategic air strikes that do not involve sending ground troops
2% - Yes, the U.S. must send a message to the rest of the world that chemical weapons will not be tolerated

No (177,940 votes 74%)

59% - No.
9% - No, the U.S. is not the police of the world and should stay out of foreign conflicts
6% - No, use a non-military diplomatic approach to discourage chemical weapons use

Syrian Civil-war

Syrian Child Suffers

A syria chemical attack

Syrian refugee

A Syrian soldier aims an AK-47 gun, but at who? Other Syrians?

Syrian War Protesters

US Knew of Syria Torture Photos for Months - As UN looks to salvage peace talks

Newser reports, "The Obama administration wasn't exactly shocked this week when war crimes prosecutors released 55,000 photos of people systematically killed by Bashar al-Assad's regimeóbecause the State Department has known about them since November, the New York Times reports. The administration didn't act on the photos because it couldn't authenticate them, and it doesn't intend to seriously change its Syria policy because of them. "
Syrian War Victims

John Kerry did endorse a demand that the UN investigate the photos. New York Times reports Obama has known for months.

Another holocaust in the making?

Syrian refugee

Holocaust refugee



holocaust germany gardelegen 1945

Syria's Assad is a Murderer

Syrian child, "w460"

Syria vows "we will fight until the end"

( Photos and credits: AP, Rueters, New York Times, Oxfam International and many others. )

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