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#CaliforniaScandals: pension fund CEO sentenced for bribery

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) June 1, 2016

Another suspect in custody accused of killing an Amador County man

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 30, 2016

2 people died after falling into the Mokelumne river yesterday

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 29, 2016

#Breaking: #Oregon schools shut off water fountains after lead found

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 29, 2016

Calaveras county: Butte Fire Property Clean Up Complete

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 27, 2016

#Clinton misstates key facts in email episode #LatestClintonScandal

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 28, 2016

Suspect flees Amador county Deputies, crashes near Butte Mt. Rd.

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 26, 2016

#StuffImNotSupposeToReportOn Our local government is among the worst in the state, but voters won't remove crooked

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 25, 2016

#Tech: #RenewableEnergy hydro electric pumped storage plant atop hill also top tourist attraction

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 23, 2016

Amador county: Forestry deal could bring jobs to region, while still protecting Mokelumne River watershed

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 20, 2016

AMADOR COUNTY: Work is starting on the SR-49/SR-88 at Sutter Street traffic signal/crosswalk project in Jackson.

— Caltrans District10 (@CaltransDist10) May 17, 2016

Amador county Supervisor candidates answer questions (via ALD)

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 16, 2016

#FBI: Armed & dangerous suspect in 8 bank robberies
BOLO-Amador county, Calaveras, El dorado

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 14, 2016

#Politics: #California's Prop 47 blamed for shoplifting jump

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 14, 2016

Ready to work! Come on in #amadorcounty #dogsoftwitter @dogcelebration @Amador_News @GoinPostalKCK @mymotherlode

— ScentsyTanya (@ZENCTanya) May 12, 2016

#voteByMail ballots delayed in #AmadorCounty until May 17.

— Gwen Bohdan Clayton (@GwenBClayton) May 12, 2016

Are these wines destined to be Sierra foothill classics?
Amador county, Calaveras county, & El Dorado county

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 11, 2016

#Business: Bribes eat up $2 trillion in global #economy?

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 11, 2016

Amador county: Sutter Gold Mining's largest shareholder considers selling

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 11, 2016

Amador county Supervisor candidates’ finance reports revealed

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 9, 2016

#Business: Stocks in Sutter Gold Mining Rose by 127 percent last week

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 9, 2016

#Business: Amador county's Sutter Gold Mining Inc. Update

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 9, 2016

El Dorado County studying possible rancheria expansion

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 5, 2016

#Health: New #California law gives end-of-life choices

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 3, 2016

Amador county: Mining in Gold Rush town remains a toxic threat

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) May 2, 2016

Boss of State Bar fired, accused of deception, he’s now suing quasi-public agency... #CaliforniaScandals

— Amador County News (@Amador_News) April 29, 2016 Copyright © 2008-2016 M. W. Boitano All Rights Reserved.

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