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Monday, November 24th 2014

Last Saturday night deadly shootout in downtown Sonora

Amador County Thankgiving Turkey Dinners

Jackson City Council Meeting Agenda November 24 2014.pdf

Amador County Statement of All Votes Cast November 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting November 25, 2014 Consent Agenda.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting November 25, 2014 Regular Agenda.pdf

Amador Fire Protection Dist. Agenda November 25 2014.pdf

Amador Food Bank Holiday Most Wanted perishables 2014.pdf

Interfaith Food Bank Home.url

Community Thanksgiving Dinner - Tues Nov 25.jpg

Amador Vintners Black Friday in Amador's Wine Region.url We Heart the Arts Events and Activities.url

California Indian casinos embroiled in turmoil.url

Friday, November 21st 2014

Homeowner Stops Attempted Theft - El Dorado County Sheriff Office

Amador County Annual ACWN Scholarship Fundraiser

Amador County Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year

Amador County Festival of Carols

Gallery 10 Spotlights Molly Kohlschreiber Work - ALD

Great Beginnings Express at Sutter Amador Hospital

Yolo Mambo at Sutter Creek Theatre

Open Mic Night at Hein and Co in Jackson

Heavenly Ski Resort opens to eager skiers, snowboarders - KCRA

Kirkwood Opening Day

Nor Cal - Gold Country offers snow many options to get out there

Budget shortfalls continue to affect Mendocino County roads

CA Homeless Youth Project Blog

Expanding California water supply - You cant store what isnt there

For Thanksgiving, pour what you, your guests will like - Sac Bee

Fresh idea brings campus produce to UC Davis pantry

Mariposa County Total Liabilities Rise 60 pct In Ten Years

Soap antimicrobial may damage liver and raise cancer risk - study

State Lake County roads bad, Mendocino worse -

The Resource Connection Food Bank Santa Express

Upper Trinity River Reopens for Chinook Salmon Fishing

Amador County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office Calaveras

Sheriff's Office El Dorado County

Thursday, November 20th 2014


Amador County News Roundup November 20 2014

El Dorado County Deputies Quick to Respond to Lock Down at Ponderosa High School, All is Well

El Dorado County pot dispensary raided - owner insists it is legal

CHP rescues deaf hiker day after fall from cliff - Foothills

Sonora Boys, 17, Suspected Of Severely Beating Homeless Man

Still Might Not Happen Yet - Dollar General, Family Dollar still in talks with FTC

What are the guidelines for an Amber Alert CHP explains - KCRA

Check Out Amador County Art

Amador County Artists Association (ACAA)


Unsustainable California The Top 10 Challenges Facing the Golden State

Limits end on most California stream diversions The Sacramento Bee

New gov't water rule to put property owners at mercy of EPA

30 California cities with the most homicides - KCRA

NSA Director - China can damage US power grid

Private citizens doing the job investigative reporters won't do

Why the Violence in Mexico is Getting Worse

Wednesday, November 19th 2014

Amador County News Roundup November 19th 2014

Friends of Amador County Continue Lawsuit Against Ione Band of Miwoks

Great Beginnings Express at Sutter Health Amador-Jackson November 22, 2014

Calendar amador county chamber Events.url

Dad and Me - The Turkey Time Special November 22.jpg

Opening Day at


2016 Elections and National Issues

2016 Elections - Global Issues

How Much Is America in Debt and Who Spent What?

Saudi oil policy uncertainty unleashes the conspiracy theorists

Historical Crude Oil Prices and Price Chart - InvestmentMine

Japan Stumbles as economy slides into recession

Unless the worst happens, there is no good reason to hold gold now

World's Central Banks Help Provide Support for Gold.url

Americans Living on Edge of Financial Disaster, Savings Study Says

Billionaire Says Young People Can Forget the American Dream and Go Become a Plumber

David Stockman Central Banks Setting Up World for Bad Time

David Stockman Congress in Fiscal Coma

Economist Dean Baker Retirement Savings Depleted

Homebuilder Confidence Rebounds as U.S. Buyers More Enthusiastic

October Treasury Flash Crash Sends Investors Searching for Answers

Pew Study Undocumented Immigrants Compose 5.1 Percent of Workforce

The Richest 1 percent of Americans Pay 24 percent of Federal Taxes, Own 90 percent of Assets

Tuesday, November 18th 2014

Amador County News Roundup November 18th 2014 - YouTube

National News - Obama Economy Leaves People Hungry in Amador and Tuolumne counties

Court Halts Construction Of Pine Grove Dollar General Project

Missing Person in Calaveras County Founds Safe, May Have Been a Hoax

Amber Alert Missing Teen Sergio Vasquez Found In Stockton

Sheriff Once-missing Calaveras Co. teen found in Stockton - KCRA

2014 Sutter Creek Design Standards Draft

2014 Sutter Creek Design Standards Draft - Part Two

Sutter Creek 4 Zones Downtown - large.jpg Map

Amador Football Through the Eyes of a Linebacker - Gopro

Amador County Teens Turned Crash Test Dummies - Hitting a kid with a truck

Amador Baseball Through the Chest of an Infielder - Gopro Hero 3

Heavenly, Kirkwood give back to community - Lake Tahoe News.url

Homeless have no shelter options in Tahoe - Lake Tahoe News.url

California enjoys big revenues but warns of retiree benefit costs.url

California pension funds are running dry - LA Times.url

Court Deals Another Blow to California Gun Control Law.url

Fired California Bar official files whistle-blower suit against group.url

Showdown looms as California eyes pesticides plan.url

McNerney defeats Amador for Congressional seat.url

Feds Turn to Housing Market to Boost Slow Recovery.url

Sacramento housing market slow to catch up with USA.url

Monday, November 17th 2014

Amador County News Roundup November 17 2014

Amador County Government Weekly Report November 17 2014

2014 Election Report Amador County News

2014 Election Report Amador County Part 2

2014 Amador County General Final Official Election Results

Amador County Planning Commission Agenda November 18 2014.pdf

Amador County Public Works Committee November 18 2014.pdf

Covered California Enrollment Season Opened on Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jackson Planning Commission Agenda November 17 2014.pdf

State EPA warns of mercury in Lode fish - Union Democrat

Stockton Police Concerned Suspects Are Targeting Elderly Victims In Homes

Uninsured get help registering for Covered California

Fun Starts Tonight... One block, four different building zones?

Sutter Creek Design Standards Snafu

City of Sutter Creek Agendas and Minutes.url

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting November 17 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Arch Regs Flowchart - draft.url

Sutter Creek - ARCH REGS FLOWCHART DRAFT R1.0 11-13-12.pdf

Sutter Creek Code of Ordinance Modifications.url

Sutter Creek Code of Ordinance Modifications.pdf

Sutter Creek Design Standards - 25MB file.url

Sutter Creek Design Standards-111714.pdf

Sutter Creek Staff Report Design Standards.url

Sutter Creek Staff Report Design Standards CC Nov 17.pdf

Thursday, November 13th 2014

West Point Home Invasion and Robbery Investigation - Another group of armed intruders attacks man in His home

AAUW Tech Trek Scholars and Local STEM Happenings - Nov 13

Jail funding from state in limbo - Union Democrat

Controversy surrounds future EDC courthouse - Lake Tahoe News

California Politics - Supermajority Has Been Stopped

Protecting against violent home invasions - What is the difference between murder and justifiable homicide?

What all gun owners must know about to protect themselves in California (CA PC 187-199 murder, justifiable homicide)

California Crime Wave or Systemic National Disaster?

Man Gets In Through Open Window, Sexually Assaults 85 year old Stockton Woman

Babysitter killed, baby uninjured in west Houston apartment break-in

Suspected gang members arrested, accused of killing middle school student with machete

Tens of Thousands March to End Impunity For the Mexican Narco-State

A gruesome reprisal beating for the apparent massacre of 43 Mexican teachers

Mexico Gang likely burned, pulverized 43 missing The Sacramento Bee

Missing Mexican students likely burned by gang members, AG says

Mexican meth increasingly supplanting at-home labs

Brazil reporter attacked by suspected gang members

Documentary series probes gang violence in Guatemala and Honduras

Who is to blame for El Salvador's gang violence?

N. Carolina Sheriff Mass Amnesty Will Hammer Non-Border States

Obama Defiant, Vows Immigration Action This Year

California Just Became the First State to Defelonize Drug Use

Prediction California crime wave coming

Confidence Men and Prison Reform

Butte County sheriff concerned about affects of Prop 47

Crime victims push back against Prop 47

Hundreds Of Inmates Freed From California Jails After Voters Pass Prop. 47

Hundreds released from California jails because of Prop 47 Politics

Prop 47 passes, California reduces penalty for lower-level crimes

Solano judge Get ready for Prop. 47 impact - Daily Republic

Retired LAPD Sergeant Chaos in Ferguson Was Avoidable

Rumors swirl about when grand jury announcement will take place - St. Louis

Michael Brown, Ferguson Missouri and the racial nightmare in America

New video evidence may offer a different account of Mike Brown’s death

The Truth About Michael Brown and the Ferguson Riots - YouTube

Witness to Michael Brown shooting - dude kept coming towards the police

Wednesday November 12th 2014

Charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and attempted murder

Tuesday November 11th 2014
Veteran's Day

Robbery Attempt In Plymouth Leaves One Person Shot, Suspects Still Loose

Latest vote count - Lynn Morgan Has Won the District Three Supervisor Race

Obamacare Official - Call it the stupidity of the American voter

Khamenei's Guide to Destroying Israel Threatens Iran Nuke Talks

Khameneis Guide to Destroying Israel - FACT.png

The people of California made a huge mistake

The proposition says many crimes that were considered a felony are now a misdemeanor

Amador Supervisors SPECIAL Meeting Agenda November 10, 2014.pdf

County Awaits Governor-s Plan for New Jail

Enroll in College Classes in Amador County for Spring 2015

Jackson City Council Meeting November 10 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting November 3 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting November 10 2014.pdf

Upcountry Community Council - Mon Nov 10 2014

Water utility proposes fee increases to fight historic drought Richmond Confidential

Weekend Edition - November 8th 2014

County Waiting To Hear About Jail Money

Gold Prices Will Gold Dip Below 1000 Dollars Video

Growth-control measures rejected in El Dorado County

Poverty, hunger near epidemic in South Tahoe - Lake Tahoe News

China deploys first nuclear submarines - one pops up in Persian Gulf

China Thinks Obama is Weak

US Report Russian hackers penetrate US power grid

US Will Not Confirm Russian Incursion in Ukraine

What Areas Will Obama Work with Congress

Why Didn't the President Work with Congress to Pass Immigration

Obama sends 1,500 troops to Iraq -

The Islamic State and Hezbollah Fight For Lebanon - YouTube

The Wold War 3 Is The War Againt Islam - Seen from Their View Point

Islam will take over the World in 50 Years - YouTube

Libyan rebels threaten to declare independence over rival parliament

Friday November 7th 2014

Amnesty by the End of the Year - Obama Administration Announces

Work on Bipartisanship First, Then Immigration Reform - Opinion

Amador County Deputies Catch Burglary Suspects, One Was Out on Parole.pdf

Opinion Daly leaves wake of destruction - Lake Tahoe News

California voters reduce penalties for hard drug crimes, Will Chaos Ensue?

California teachers sue union over dues, politics

FlashBack - Obama Will Act on Amnesty After Election But Before End of Year

Thursday November 6th 2014

Guest Opinion - Amador has a Game of Thrones

Obama and Holder Ignore Cop-Killings While Obsessing over Ferguson Shooting

How to Buy a City Chevron Spends $3 Million on Local California Election to Oust Refinery Critics

Stop the Handful of Greedy that Want to Keep You in Modern Day Slavery

Under ISIS Children Are Being Slaughtered, Tortured and Brain-Washed into Killers

Libya's El Sharara oilfield shut after armed group seizure sources

Nearly 400 killed in 3 weeks of Libya fighting

The Danger of Islamist Terrorists in Libya

Word of major defeat for so-called 'moderate' Syrian rebels

U.S.-backed Syrian Rebels Surrender to al-Qaeda

Despair for hundreds of Kobane refugees in Turkish camp

Mob Lynches Christian Couple in Pakistan, Dozens Arrested

Yazidis in Iraq facing genocide as US turns elsewhere

Are You Too Old to Work in Tech IT's Midlife Crisis?

Artificial Intelligence Outperforms Average High School Senior

Axelrod A Mistake For Obama To Say That His Policies Are On The Ballot

Ben Stein - Obama Is The Most Racist President There Has Ever Been

Biden Gaffe on Mideast Allies Tops All Others

Breaking Bad sparked surge in crystal meth use across Europe, expert warns

CNN's Crowley Amnesty by Executive Order Unthinkable Now

Charlie Rangel Doubles Down on GOP Racism Accusations, Baffling Wolf Blitzer

Chris Matthews goes off on ‘pissant’ senate

Exit poll Voters unhappy with Obama and GOP

Geithner Criticizes Obama Administration for Financial Crisis Rescue

How Reid Doomed Democratic Senators

Justice Dept. Seeks to Expand Computer Spying Authority

Mr. President, You Lie

Peggy Noonan Ebola Crisis Shows How Detached US 'Elites' Are

Pollster Pat Caddell Harry Reid Is a 'Disgrace to Democracy'

President I Won't Sign Any Bill to Repeal Obamacare

Share of First-Time Home Buyers Hits 27-Year Low

US Elections Theater with Deadly Consequences

Weather Channel Co-Founder - Hello Everybody There Is No Global Warming

Wharton's Allen Why the Next Financial Crisis Will Be Different

Post-Election Edition - November 5th 2014

Amador County 2014 General Election Unofficial results

Amador County 2014 General Election homepage

Amador County DRAFT EIR and DRAFT General Plan is Now Available

Teri Daly out as CAO, Knorr takes over in El Dorado County - Lake Tahoe News

How Low Can Gold Prices Go?

ISIS Snuffs Out Ancient Christianity, Now It Needs to Be Their Turn

Krugman - Central Bank Policies Leading to 'Permanent Depression'

The billionaires behind the election, revealed

Pre-Election Edition - November 3rd 2014

Opinion Abuse of power by EDC officials, Former Amador County Officials - Lake Tahoe News

EDC supes to discuss firing CAO Terri Daly on Tues. - Lake Tahoe News

Do You support GSL? See the clip of Amador County District 3 Debate

Why did an Amador Supervisor, a AWA board member and their friends have to give Novelli $4200 in June election?

Reported Campaign Finance Info for Novelli does not Show All donors, Flaw in System

Amador County District Three Candidate Lynn Morgan Under the Spotlight

One Amador County District 3 Candidate Had No Apparent Ties to SEIU, Possibly Targeted

Reported Campaign Finance Information does not Show All donors, Major Flaws in System

Amador County Technical Advisory Committee November 3 2014.pdf

Weekend Edition - November 1st 2014

6 things you didn't know about the Iran hostage crisis.url

Anger as Wounded Syria Kurds Die Stranded at Turkish Border.url

Another Deutsche Bank executive commits suicide New York Post.url

Archival - Graduation Ceremony of Iranian Policewomen's Training Course.url

Bill Maher Michael Brown Was Not A Gentle Giant, He Was Acting Like A Thug.url

Discussion Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Video

Fighting a New Heroin War.url

General Dempsy- I do not have any trouble getting access to the President.url

Glenn Greenwald Government Surveillance Video

Hillary shows her true colors when asked to channel Bill at a conference in Africa.url

How many Gitmo prisoners have gone back to the battlefield.url

How the Internet Is Transforming Democracy.url

Hundreds of Iraqi Tribesmen Opposed to ISIS Found in Mass Graves.url

ISIS executes 400 tribesmen in 48 hours.url

ISIS executes 45 prisoners.url

Interview With YPJ Commander In Kobane - Kobane Will Not Fall.url

Lobbyists foot politicians lavish bills.url

Media Disguise Liberal Billionaire Steyer As Climate Change Crusader.url

Mysterious London banker death officially ruled a suicide.url

NATO Reports 'large Scale' Russian Air Activity in European Airspace.url

National security crises keep piling up for Obama.url

New Data Shows Billionaires Are Top Super PAC Donors - Forbes.url

Real Estate Impossible Selling Nightmare Homes.url

Report Administration slow to target top ISIS commander.url

Report Gitmo prisoners join forces with ISIS.url

Sharia Law Poll Results.url

Sheriff Babeu- Obama Administration knowingly lied.url

Shiite Cleric Yasser Habib In Order to Destroy ISIS, We Must Do Away with Caliphs.url

Should the Death Spiral of the First Democracy be a Warning to Us Today.url

Syria's Kobane Will Not Fall US-led Coalition Chief.url

The Police Are Still Out of Control - Frank Serpico.url

Top Individual Contributors to Super PACs OpenSecrets.url

UCC Oct 13 2014 Ted Novelli Incumbent vs. Lynn Morgan Challenger.url

Watch Attorney General Eric Holder Address IRS Scandal, AP Probe - YouTube.url

Why We Must Support the Kurds Against ISIS.url

Writing Teaching History Video

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