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Friday, October 31st 2014

Elections, Opinions and a Message to America about Freedom

Public Pensions need to be eliminated

Amador County Roads are deemed worst in California

2014 Statewide Condition of Roads Report.pdf

Understanding the Need - Save California Streets

California county supervisor under investigation over alleged child porn searches on his computer

California estimated to invest 500 Billion Dollars for water

Waterless Lode residents await help from state - Sonora

Thursday, October 30th 2014

Are U.S. Attacks on ISIS Effective - Whitehouse Responds

Ebola and the Elections - Is the Obama administration incompetent

ISIS - Are They or Are They Not a Threat to the American Homeland

Kobane Will Never Fall to ISIS - Whitehouse

Maine governor sends troopers to home of Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox

Nine Reasons to Fear Ebola

Nurse in Maine Rebels Against Quarantine, Whitehouse Responds

Obama JV Team - Will They Face Punishment for Chicken Dung Comment

Obama JV Team at it again - Chicken Dung Remarks Show Lack of Class, Maturity.url

Reporter to WH - Did the Russians Just Hack the Whitehouse

Should President Obama Go to Ferguson Missouri to Calm Protesters

U.S. Palestinian-American killed by Israeli military

Whitehouse Hacked - Obama Adminstration Evaluates Network Intrusions, Edward Snowden

Whitehouse Hacked - Obama Adminstration Reacts to Network Intrusions

Wednesday, October 29th 2014

Sketch released of suspect accused of shooting at El Dorado County deputy

A Republican Challenges Rep. Tom McClintock From the Left -KQED

President Obama on Ebola Response October 28 2014

21 Days - The Atlantic

Drexel Study Questions 21-Day Quarantine Period For Ebola Now Drexel University.url

On the Quarantine Period for Ebola Virus – PLOS Currents Outbreaks.url

Former CIA Analyst Exposes Syrian War Lobbyists - Michael Scheuer.url

Reporter - Government agency bugged my computer

CBS goes to ground over claims it buried anti-Obama stories

Suspicious Cyber Activity Detected at White House

How the 'war on women' is changing

State Department - Egypt and Freedoms of Press

Whitehouse Briefing - Ebola in Africa, USA is playing a leading role

Whitehouse Briefing - Election Talk about Midterms

Whitehouse Briefing - The President and His Political Base

Whitehouse Briefing - Why is the President Not Out Campaigning?

Tuesday, October 28th 2014

Amador County Sheriff-s Office would like to remind everyone to be safe on Halloween

Safe Halloween - pdf version

Calaveras County news Stabbing in Copperopolis

California Proposition 47 - Sheriffs Opposition

California DTSC News Feed October 23 2014

California Pending Home Sales Reverse Five-Month Decline C.A.R. Reports

Outside groups invest millions in California House race.url

Admiral James Lyons- US Security Agencies Commit Treason.url

Maddow Insists on Risking Lives Just So Democrats Can Get Votes.url

State Department - Iran and Nuclear Talks Update.url

State Department - Turkey Base Is Important, Problems with Russia.url

State Department - Turkey is Important Partner in Fight Against ISIS.url

State Department - U.S. Palestinian Teen Shot, Tunisian Pro-Islamist Party Concedes Defeat.url

Whitehouse Briefing - Are U.S. Troops Safe from Ebola.url

Whitehouse Briefing - DOD will Build Medical Infrastructure, Not Treat Ebola.url

Whitehouse Briefing - Is a Federal Quarantine of 21 days being considered for Ebola.url

Whitehouse Briefing - The Latest Person with Ebola Released to Self Quarantine.url

Whitehouse Briefing - Updating the Ebola Outbreak in New York and New Jersey.url

Monday, October 27th 2014

The Oro De Amador Removal Action Workplan.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting October 27 2014.pdf

Amador County Administrative Committee Agenda October 27, 2014.pdf

California Home Sales Maintain Pace in September a Market Balances.url

Suspect in Sacramento deputy shootings now in custody.url

Officials say suspect in killings of California deputies was deported twice.url

Illegal Aliens Voting Probably Already Tipped One Election for Democrats.url

Jaw-Dropping Study Claims Large Numbers of Non-Citizens Vote in U.S..url

Carney Republican Plan Is Fantasy Economics.url

Fast and Furious Coverup - Valerie Jarrett Key Player After Holder Lied to Congress.url

Fast and Furious Coverup - Why Did Obama Invoke Executive Privilege on Holders Fast and Furious Emails.url

Sears to close stores, lay off about 5,500.url

Syria - War Photographer Comes Back To Show You The Truth.url

Syrian Civil War 2014 - Part 3.url

Woodward Lots of Unanswered Questions on Obama's Involvement in IRS Scandal.url

Woodward Says Investigate the IRS.url

Saturday, October 25th 2014

Suspect Arrested in Death of 2 California Deputies

Whitehouse Press Conference October 24 2014

Why Did U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Leak Classified Information to His Family?

Are Some Whitehouse Staff on Their Way Out After Midterms?

Federal Benefits for Same Sex Marriages - I don't keep the particular details of that case

Frosty Whitehouse for Isrealis - I can't speak about meetings that didn't occur

Ebola - This is a Worldwide Concern

Ebola Obama - Why is the President Exposing Himself to Nurses with Ebola?

Should President Meet Nurse who Survived Ebola?

Bowling with Ebola - Whitehouse comments

Ebola, What Ebola - Next Week the President Goes Campaigning

Rogue Ebola - What happens if a Psycho with Ebola wants to come to America?

Self Monitoring with Ebola, Is it Safe?

Reporter, "That's Not Answering My Question.."

What if You have an Ebola Patient that is not so Cooperative?

We are Doing Everything We can to Protect the American Public

Does Whitehouse Have a New Funny Man?

Issa Discusses Terror, Ebola and Government Policy

Friday, October 24th 2014

New York Ebola Press Conference

Every New York Hospital is ready for Ebola

Ebola NYC Quarantined Orders - 3 Patients, All Well, Daily Monitoring

Bowling with Ebola - Is the Public Safe?

Ebola in New York - Are the Healthcare Workers Safe from Ebola?

Is There A Blood Test for Ebola?

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014

Amador County Sheriff’s Deputy attempted to detain ATV Driver in Pioneer.pdf

Andrea Sexton is Running for Sutter Creek City Council

California tells employees Don’t talk to media

City of Sutter Creek Newsletter October 2014.pdf

Governor Brown Helped Create Public Employee Unions Nightmare

Jackson Planning Commission Meeting October 20 2014.pdf

Richard Forster on TSPN News 6-23-14 Part 2

Sheriff Damage to AT&T line was 'deliberate' Union Democrat

Where Did Our Respect for the Military Go?

Tuesday, October 21st 2014

Amador County Supervisors Meeting October 21, 2014 Consent Agenda ADDENDUM.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting October 21, 2014 Consent Agenda.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting Regular Agenda October 21, 2014.pdf

Calaveras - False representation of opponent in campaign ads.url

October 21, 2014 Board of Supervisors Meeting Audio.url

Original Thomas Kinkade Gallery closing in Placerville.url

Richard Forster on TSPN News October 20 2014.url

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting Agenda October 20 2014.pdf

Monday, October 20th 2014

Amador County Begins the Battle Against Gangs.pdf

22 arrested, meth seized in California bust

ALERT! - The Brown Governors Dirty Little Family Oil Secret

ALERT! - Shocking Local federal corruption case moves forward with almost no media attention

Federal Judges Fed Up With Government Misconduct

ALERT! - El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Seeking Public’s Assistance

Ebola - What the Experts Say Does Appear to Contradict

Frontier Airlines president discusses nurse with Ebola

Is the quarantine period for Ebola of 21 days long enough

Two Sacramento health systems outline preparedness efforts after Ebola scare

Ebola in America - A Summary

Friday, October 17th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - El Dorado County Deputy Shot at in Camino

Some Facts about Ebola in America

The Facts about Ebola in America - YouTube

We have made Mistakes - Congressonal Hearing on Ebola Chairman Tim Murphy, Pennsylvania

Will America's fragmented public health system meet the Ebola challenge?

Why scrub that airliner - Congressional Hearing on Ebola Mr. Long Missouri

Ebola - An Enormous, Enormous Amount of Public Concern and Apprehension About This

CDC chief says spread of Ebola in Africa could imperil U.S. healthcare system

CDC, We can't be everywhere - Congressonal Hearing on Ebola Ms. DeGette, Colorado

The nurses that caught Ebola were not in ER, they worked in ICU - Hearing on Ebola

We Should have reasonable flight restrictions - Congressonal Hearing on Ebola Mr. Griffith Virginia

We don't know what We don't know - Congressional Hearing on Ebola Mr. Johnson, Ohio

Ebola in America - Congressional Hearing Today

Thursday, October 16th 2014

CDC, This could have been prevented a year ago - Congressonal Hearing on Ebola Mr. Matheson, Utah

Must See - Congressonal Hearing on Ebola, Mr. Scalise Nails It

NEWS FLASH! - Drive-by Shooting in Burson, Calaveras Co.

Missing Hunter Found.pdf

Ebola in America - Whitehouse Press Conference Today

Wednesday, October 15th 2014

Second Heathcare worker caught Ebola, then flew to Ohio

CDC - It is Unacceptable that even one heathcare worker has gotten sick.url

CDC is Responsible for Monitoring the Health and Movements of Possible Ebola Patients.url

Ebola Safeguards Fail - CDC says Ebola may have spread on Domestic Flight.url

Ebola Shows How Important it is for America to show leadership in a Crisis.url

Ebola in America - The President is very concerned about this situation.url

Iraq WMDs Were Real - What did Obama Know and When did He Know it - YouTube.url

Is Obama Satisfied that Other Countries Have Stepped Up to Ebola Challenge.url

Is there a Real Risk of an Ebola Epidemic in this Country.url

No Ebola Czar in Charge - Whitehouse says they are in Charge of Ebola Response.url

No Fly Zone for Ebola - No plans to stop unrestricted air travel.url

Obama Spokesman Discusses How is Ebola Spread, if this is an Outbreak.url

Whitehouse Press Conference - Has the World Stepped Up to Help with Ebola.url

Who Should the American People Trust about Ebola.url

Why wasn't Ebola Stopped from Coming to America.url

Friday, October 10th 2014

Amador County News Weekend Report October 10 2014

Amador County Child Molestation Arrest Photo

BVI Tribe Asks DC To Let It Intervene In Gambling Suit - Law360

Bodyguard for Harry Reid Attacks a Member of the Press - YouTube.url

Harry Reid at it again - Bodyguard Physically Attacks Author Jason Mattera.url

Outing on the Moke River Inspires Local Artists.url

Couple hopes to have micro winery in El Dorado County next year.url

Tuesday, October 7th 2014

9-11 terrorists caught testing airport security months before attacks secret docs.url

American Cleric Yasir Qadhi Calls upon Westerners to Refrain from Jihad in Syria.url

Banks should align compensation with risk, IMF says.url

Christine Lagarde downbeat on global economy.url

Enough is enough - All parties guilty in the Mid-East.url

Eric Holder didn't send a single banker to jail for the mortgage crisis.url

How The US Lost Hearts And Minds In The Iraq War.url

Iranian Analyst Saudi Arabia Is on the Verge of Extinction. We Are the New Sultans of the region.url

Iraqi MP We Must Not Send the Army to Liberate Sunni Provinces If Local Tribes Do Not Appreciate It.url

Journalists must fight or become irrelevant.url

Kurdish mother-of-two launches suicide attack to slow Islamic State advance in desperate battle for Kobane.url

Moroccan soccer fans root for ISIS -Allah Akbar, let’s go on Jihad.url

Morocco Campaign against Islamist Extremism - Not in My Name.url

Much of ISIS' Weaponry Comes From US, Russia and China.url

News Of OPEC's Death Might Not Be An Exaggeration.url

Pakistan Taliban vow support for IS in Syria and Iraq.url

Preview Too Big to Jail - Bill Moyers.url

Savage warns of a second Civil War.url

Supreme Court denies gay marriage appeals.url

Ukraine War - Storming the airport, at the forefront in Donetsk.url

Warning Flags in the Stock Market - Bloomberg.url

Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?

Monday, October 6th 2014

ALERT! - Democrat developer wants to turn Amador County into a dirty, industrial wasteland

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting October 6 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda October 7, 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting Agenda October 7, 2014.pdf

Great American Mines, Part 2 The Keystone Mine.url

How to Prevent Child Abuse.pdf

What is Bullying.pdf

Thursday, October 2nd 2014

China Could Put US Orbiting Assets at Risk.url

China Thinks It Can Defeat America in Battle.url

China increasingly producing tools of torture for export - Amnesty.url

Congressman Urges Top Military Generals to Rebel Against Obama’s Failed Handling of World Crises.url

Ex-CIA Agent DHS Advancing 'Political' Climate Change Agenda.url

Has Obama's Presidency Led To Global Chaos.url

Holder Responsible for Lawlessness In Washington.url

How Often Has Obama Missed His Daily Presidential Briefing.url

Iran TV Airs Exclusive Footage of IAEA Inspection Equipment at Natanz Facility.url

Is Barack Obama's life safe in the Secret Service's hands - Telegraph.url

Maher Rips Liberals Over Islam If We're Giving No Quarter To Intolerance, Shouldn't We Start With Honor Killers.url

Mosquito Virus That Walloped Caribbean Spreads to America.url

Netanyahu Iran Greater Threat Than ISIS.url

Obama has had accurate intelligence about ISIS since BEFORE the 2012 election, says administration insider.url

Wednesday, October 1st 2014

Amador Diabetic Driver Causes Collision, Jury Returns 3.7 Million Dollar Verdict.url

Amador Man Rescued From Abandoned Mother Lode Mine.url

California Pending Home Sales Retreat Again in August.url

Low Interest Rates Fail to Spark August Home Sales.url

Ebola Crisis The Best and Worst Scenarios From Here.url

Man with Ebola at Dallas hospital was first SENT HOME with antibiotics before the deadly virus was later discovered.url

Obama Admin Mulling Biosurveillance Plan That Would Track Americans Through Private Medical Records.url

Economic growth has little impact on reducing undernutrition in children.url

Secret tapes pull back curtain on Goldman Sachs.url

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Investigation Of NY Fed Over Secret Tapes.url

Great Depression 2.0 - 1 in 4 Americans 25-54 Not Working.url

One-fifth of U.S. workers were laid off in past five years, study says.url

Obama’s Regulations So Far Cost Us $84.8 Billion And Climbing Weekly.url

The rich get richer 400 wealthiest Americans now worth $2.3 TRILLION.url

Are billionaires dictating American political debate?

Reporter 'Creeped Out' by Obama Aide - Ky Sisson.url

7 Things Liberals REALLY MEAN When They Cry Racism.url

Half of global wildlife lost, says new WWF report.url

Ocean acidification could lead to collapse of coral reefs.url

Science Graduates Are Not Good At Math – But Why.url

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