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Tuesday, September 30th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Study says Childhood asthma linked to lack of ventilation for gas stoves

ALERT! - CDC Respiratory illnesses up to 277 confirmed cases in 40 states.url

ALERT! - Fire Prevention Week Starts October 5th

California community colleges to offer 10k bachelor degree.url

California drought and climate warming Studies find no clear link.url

Causes of California drought linked to climate change

Climate change caused widespread tree death in California mountain range, study confirms

Daily water allocation could be the next California drought strategy.url

The fundamental incompatibility between Islamic law and liberal western democracy

Monday, September 29th 2014


Days of '49 Saturday - YouTube.url

Days of '49 Wagon Train Parade Main Street Jackson.url

Mountain Pine Beetles Get a Bad Rap for Wildfires

ALERT! - Nine Tips to Achieve an Amicable Divorce

Insight on Bullying and How to Prevent It

How to convince those with low self-confidence to pursue their career choice

Talk Therapy, Not Medication, Is Best Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder

Are the World Religions Ready for Extraterrestrial Life?

Do We Have Time to Save Species from Climate Change?

Ending Vietnam Arms Embargo Shows Intent to Contain China

ISIS Control of Oil Fields - Minimal Impact on U.S. Consumers, Global Oil Market

Data models provided early alert to deadly potential of Ebola outbreak

The Ebola Info graphic

Friday, September 26th 2014

Amador High Cheer 1st Annual Flea Market

Artist Kathryn Devlin at Amadorarts Gallery

Chaw'se Big Time Indian Celebration

Days of 49 Amador County's Birthday

Expert discuses the issue of bullying

Flash flood warning issued for King Fire area

Great Beginnings Express at Sutter Amador Hospital

Helwig Summer Concert Series Presents Gregg Rolie Band

Kids Fly Free - Westover Wings and Wheels

Lieutenant Georgia Heihle Is New Commander Of Amador CHP

Musical Organ Rally in Jackson this Weekend

Night at the Opera - Sunday Night in Amador City

Triathlon - Tri Amador in Amador County

Thursday, September 25th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Public Policy and The Record - The Amador county Supervisors Versus a New Jail

Australian PM Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Luxembourg Rep Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Qatar Speaker and President Obama Closing Remarks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Turkey PM Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Wednesday, September 24th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Palestinian Ambassador- gratitude to Iran for the training, financing, and weapons it has given Us

President Obama Discusses Major Issues at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

NEWS FLASH! - President Obama Discusses Draft Resolution at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

China Rep Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Russian Ambassador Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Lithuanian Leader Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Argentina Leader Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

France Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

Nigerian Leader Speaks at U.N. Forum on Foreign Fighters

MSM BLACKOUT! - How ISIS Infiltrated the Dept. of Homeland Security

Tuesday, September 23rd 2014

California Republicans plotting path beyond 2014

Homeowner King Fire suspect broke into his home, called 911


Palestinian Ambassador to Iran Israelis Must Return to Their Countries of Origin

MSM BLACKOUT! - Syrian Child Soldier - I Have Gotten Used to Killing Soldiers

The Billionaire and Millionaire Boom

Thousands March Against War In Moscow, St. Petersburg

Turkey may welcome Muslim Brotherhood brass after ouster from Qatar

Virus tally nears 500,000 in Dominican Republic

Monday, September 22nd 2014

Smoke from King fire reaches hazardous levels

King Fire General Information Cal-Fire

King Fire Helpful Info from EDSO

King Fire Update Weather Gives Firefighters a Break, Smoke Still a Concern

NEWS FLASH! - Newman Ridge Project traffic study for proposed quarry and asphalt plant

Amador County Technical Advisory Committee Agenda September 22 2014.pdf

Ione City Council Meeting Agenda September 23 2014.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting Agenda September 22 2014.pdf

Jackson looks to amend conflict of interest code September 2014.pdf

Did Lynn Morgan abuse her position on the Upcountry Council?

Opinion EDC CAO - arrogance or incompetence?

Amador Water Agency asks CCWD for Moke River Dollars


Billionaire Saudi prince on ISIS and Obama.url

Coalition to Fight the Islamic State Unlikely to Succeed.url

Exiled Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim No to Crusader War against ISIS.url

ISIS Captures Millions of Dollars, Gold Ingots, Stashed at Former Iraqi Parliament Speakers Home.url

Iranian FM says U.S. allies providing support to Islamic State.url

Landscape architects and designers advocate for more rooftop gardens in city.url

Muslims Should Play an Active Role in Bringing about Peace and Coexistence.url

Raw Thousands Protest US Campaign in Iraq.url

Sunday, September 21st 2014

2014 Report - A Nationwide Analysis of Teacher Pay.pdf

ATF Special Agent Talks Fast and Furious.url

Angry mob throws Ukrainian parliament deputy in trash can.url

Are They Nutz?? Satan and a Jewish Woman Give Birth to ISIS in an Iraqi TV Satire.url

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks to Yale MSA.url

Ayatollah Khatami Great Satan America Has Grown, Not Shrunk, in Past 36 Years.url

NEWS FLASH! - Benghazi Coverup Claim Could Yield Criminal Charges.url

Birmingham Imam Slams British Supporters of ISIS Go to Syria Yourselves Instead of Sending Others.url

China, the Climate and the Fate of the Planet Rolling Stone.url

Foleys on Obama golf flap - Americans should be important.url

George Orwell's Politics and the English Language Guide to Writing.url

Got Rights? The Constitution, it's time to read it again

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D-CA Weekly Video

How To Paint Tropical Beach Complete Video Acrylic Painting Class.url

How to Paint a Sunset Sky - YouTube.url

Is Climate Change a Crime Against Humanity The Nation.url

NEWS FLASH! - Is There a Diplomatic Solution to ISIS.url

Malala explains why she risked death for girls education.url

Obama Ebola Outbreak Threat to Global Security.url

Report Washington Full of Cell Phone Spying Devices.url

U.S. House backs plan to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels.url

United States spent more on its military than the next 13 nations combined in 2011

Friday, September 19th 2014

King Fire Arson Suspect Arrested Blaze Poses Threat to Power Facilities.url

NEWS FLASH! - King Fire Revealed to be Arson, Man Arrested.url

College - Could online courses help save money.url

NEWS FLASH! - Diabetic? Study Raises Questions About Artificial Sweeteners.url

House Votes Overwhelmingly To Audit The Fed.url

Only 36 percent of Americans can name the three branches of government.url

Oversight, accountability issues still dog military freebie programs.url

Putin Just Got What He Wanted in Ukraine.url

NEWS FLASH! - Putin says he could have troops inside Poland in two days.url

NEWS FLASH! - QE3 by Next Summer - Goldman Sachs's Slant on the Fed.url


Thursday, September 18th 2014

King Fire threatens several small El Dorado County towns.url

Amador County LAFCO Meeting Agenda September 18 2014.pdf

Watch the entire three hours of the Select Committee on Benghazi First Hearing.url

Benghazi Hearings - Congressman Schiff Asks about the Benghazi Effect.url

Benghazi Hearings - Congressman Schiff Questions Starr.url

Benghazi Hearings - Cummings Makes a Statement about the Proceedings.url

Benghazi Hearings - Cummings and Starr Discuss Policies and Findings.url

Benghazi Hearings - Gowdy Quizzes Starr about Core Issue.url

Benghazi Hearings - Jordan Grills Keil about Lapses in Security.url

Benghazi Hearings - Jordan Quizzes Keil about Who called the Shots that Night.url

Benghazi Hearings - Pompeo and Starr Discuss Libya, Security, ARB.url

Benghazi Hearings - Roskam Quizzes Starr about Lapses in Security.url

Benghazi Hearings - Starr Discusses Evac Options.url

Benghazi Hearings - Team Response Time, Special Mission Compounds.url

Benghazi Hearings - Todd Keil Discusses Risk Management.url

Benghazi Hearings - Westmoreland Questions Starr about Security Contractors.url

Benghazi Hearings - Westmoreland Questions Starr about Security Tripwires.url

Benghazi Hearings - Westmoreland and Starr Discuss Lapses in Security.url

Benghazi Hearings - Westmoreland and Starr debate Tripwires in Diplomacy.url

Wednesday, September 17th 2014

Amador County Residential Burglary Arrest Upcountry.pdf

Amador Fire Protection Dist. Board Meeting September 16 2014.url

Jackson Planning Commission Agenda September 15, 2014.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - King Fire Sweeps through El Dorado County.url

Man released after questioning in fatal July bank robbery in Stockton.url

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on September 27, 2014.pdf


2 U.S. Supreme Court Justices - And Numerous Other Top Government Officials - Warn of Dictatorship.url

Army's Combat Leaders Prepare for New War.url

Bad Government and Central Bank Policy Are the Main Cause of Runaway Inequality.url

Estonian Commander Says Russia Wants a Europe Without America.url

NEWS FLASH! - Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War Three.url

Six Years Since the Wall Street Crash -World Economy in Crisis, Prevailing Financial Disaster.url

NEWS FLASH! - The Big Banks Are Waging Warfare Against the People of the World.url

The Next Big Thing Neomedievalism.url

The US Has Been the World’s Sole Superpower for the Last 13 Years - Why Hasn’t It Done Anything Good.url

Top Financial Experts Say World War 3 Is Coming ... Unless We Stop It.url

Top Russia Expert Ukraine Joining Nato Would Provoke Nuclear War.url

U.S. Supreme Court Justice - We Are In that Brave New World, and We Are Capable of Being In that Orwellian World, Too.url

NEWS FLASH! - What Drives Obama Foreign Policy.url

Tuesday, September 16th 2014

Amid Layoffs, Uncertainty Pervades Air Force Officer Corps.url

Army Calling for Female Volunteers for Ranger School.url

California State Senator Wright to Resign After Fraud Conviction.url

Calpers has 300 Billion Dollars - to Divest From Hedge Funds, Citing Expenses, Complexity.url

NEWS FLASH! - Ex-State Dept. Official Damaging Benghazi Documents Removed.url

Jerry Brown signs bill removing language of Prop. 187, will allow State services for illegals again.url

King Fire grows to 8,600 acres, containment falls to 5 percent.url

New Suspect, New Arrest, New Reward in Stockton Bank Robbery, Chase.url

Syria News 14-9-2014, UN reveals close links between Israel and terrorist organizations in Syria.url

The invisible killer threatening millions of migrating birds.url

US Counterterrorism Agency Collects Data On Every US Citizen.url

Monday, September 15th 2014

Man reported wounded in shooting in rural El Dorado County.url

Mountain lion prompts lock down at El Dorado Hills school Last Friday.url

Nuclear Plant We Could Have Shot Reporters If They Were Closer.url

American shakedown - Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money.url

British Researcher No Global Warming in 18 Years.url

Did Al-Qaida swipe these missiles from U.S..url

Different species of human will have evolved by 2050, scientist claims.url

Growing threat to American birds, says report.url

NEWS FLASH! - Islam's battle of ideas.url

On 9-11 Anniversary, Andrew Napolitano Compares NSA to East German Stasi.url

Survey U.S. workers face a dim future.url

Friday, September 12th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Newman Ridge Project Hearing Scheduled, Again.url

Home sales in California drop to 4-year August low.url

NEWS FLASH! - James Foley's mother 'appalled' by U.S. government.url

Sotloff Family Spox Accuses Obama Admin Of 'Inaccurate Statements' and Using Hostages As Pawns.url

To Prevent Afghanistan Ending Up Like Iraq, Stop The Troop Withdrawal.url

Less Than 5 Hours of Sleep Leads to False Memories.url

Thursday, September 11th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Lax Security At Nuclear Power Plant Outside Washington.url

How to Check If You Were Exposed to 5 Million Password Leak.url

3.5-magnitude earthquake felt near Lake Tahoe Yesterday.url

Amador County man arrested after large marijuana growing operation found near Ione.url

California birds and global warming.url

California Governor Declares Border Wide Open All Illegals Welcome in California.url

Greenspan Says Rebound Hindered as Construction Dead in Water.url

Contractor Told State Benghazi Outpost Was Sitting Duck.url

Pat Smith reacts to new Benghazi revelations.url

NEWS FLASH! - ER visits skyrocket under ObamaCare.url

Future Human Evolution - Business Insider.url

10 Companies That Control The World's Food.url

Wednesday, September 10th 2014

Henry Kissinger Speaks about Diplomacy - September 3 2014.url

James Baker Speaks About Diplomacy - September 3 2014.url

Obama Spokesperson Discusses Libya and African Unrest.url

United States UN Ambassador Discusses Foreign Fighters in Middle East.url

Tuesday, September 9th 2014

Photos from Sand Aid 2014.url

Bill to regulate California groundwater passes in state legislature

Common Household Chemicals Responsible for Reproductive Declines in Mice

Conservation groups snapped up large swaths of Sierra Nevada during recession.url

El Dorado County 4-H Youth Development Program begins for 2014-15

El Dorado County Community Planning Guide 2014

Expert Panel Calls for Public Health Research on Natural Gas Drilling

Expert- Islamic State's Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi A Pretend Caliph

Extremely High Mold Count Triggers Dangerous Air Quality Alert

Global Temperature Conundrum - Cooling or Warming Climate

Helping Farmers Adapt to Changing Growing Conditions


Arab League's 22 States Agree Fight ISIS.url

Children's Respiratory Virus Spreads Across U.S..url

FBI Cuban Intelligence Aggressively Recruiting Leftist American Academics as Spies, Influence Agents.url

Kissinger Iran Is a Bigger Threat for U.S. Than ISIS.url

LIGNET's Ruth Terrorists 'Not Afraid of the United States'.url

McCain US Refusal to Help Ukranians Shameful.url

Menendez Russian Troops in Ukraine is an Invasion.url

Motivating middle school students to apply for college.url

NSA Creates Google Like Search Engine to Help Other Agencies Access Collected Phone, Email Records.url

Ralph Peters- Obama A Terrified Little Man In A Great Big Job He Can't Do.url

Son of Hamas founder on fighting terrorism in the Mideast.url

The Fatal Flaw in American Foreign Policy.url

Monday, September 8th 2014

Amador Artists Chosen to Show in KVIE Art Auction

Amador County 2014-2015 Proposed Adopted Budget.pdf

Amador County Planning Commission Meeting September 9 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda September 9, 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting September 9, 2014.pdf

Amador County Winemakers Seeing Earlier, More Flavorful Crop This Year.url

County changing course for jail money.url

El Dorado’s political drama comes to a climax on Tuesday.url

Gun Found at Calaveras High School Last Friday

Jackson City Council Meeting September 8 2014.pdf

Shooting leaves one dead in El Dorado County

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting September 8 2014.pdf

West Point Robbery Last Week

Friday, September 5th 2014

Audit finds Corning tribe mismanaged millions in casino funds.url

Family sues, alleging widespread failings, cover-up in 2013 prison pepper spray death.url

Hackers break into server for Obamacare website U.S. officials.url

How the West Caused the Ukraine Crisis.url

Opinion - More El Dorado County shenanigans.url

Politically Correct Outrage Is Like The Mob.url

Reno Museum Accident has Far-Reaching Effect.url

Report Finds Little Link Between Teacher Pay, Test Scores.url

Seal Team Six Parents Call for Obama to Resign.url

Security Expert Our Southern Border Is A War Zone.url

Top CIA officer in Benghazi delayed response to terrorist attack, US security team members claim.url

Thursday, September 4th 2014

Federal Reserve Board Approves Proposal to Reform Credit Default Swap Derivatives.url

French Postpone Arms Sale to Russia - Obama Administration Approves.url

It's Clear the President Wants to Build An International coalition against Islamic State.url

Obama Administration - Israeli Settlements Should not Continue.url

Obama Administration Still Looking for a Two State Solution.url

Russia Versus NATO - Is Obama Administration Trapped.url

Secretary of State John Kerry Speaks About Diplomacy September 3 2014.url

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki Discusses Russia, Africa, North Korea.url

United States UN Ambassador Discusses Disarming Hamas.url

United States UN Ambassador Discusses ISIL.url

United States UN Ambassador Discusses Israeli, Palestinian Peace Process.url

United States UN Ambassador Samantha Power Discusses Terrorists, Syria.url

War Between Russia and Ukraine - Obama Administration.url

Would the USA Support Palestinian calls for a time table for Isreal's withdraw from Gaza.url

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014

Recently, I began developing a news video channel on Youtube, here are some of the categories;

Amador county - A small collection of interesting videos about Amador.

Amador county government - The most recent and important videos about Amador local government.

California News September 2014

California News August 2014

California News July 2014

California News June 2014

Threats to the World - A vast array of threats confront a weary World.

World Issues that must be fixed

Threats against America - A Study of the modern threats facing Americans everywhere.

Corruption in America

The Real War on Women

MSM Blackouts - Stories that don't often get covered by the Main Stream Media.

World News September 1-15 2014 - YouTube.url

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - News that does not fit anywhere else.

Good News

Art - For all ages and abilities

NEWS ALL TIMERS - News videos that are cultural classics.

Are They Nutz - News that clearly is not sane.

Cheat, Lie or Steal - See famous people make fools of themselves.

Major Scandals - A look back in Time.

Major Scandals 2014

Oddball News

The who, what, where, why and how - See current news topics up close

Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

Islamic State Has Declared War on America

British Islamist Justifies Murder of “Mr. Beheaded Infidel” Foley, States ISIS Lenient on Yazidis.url

British Prime Minister Explains Why Islamic State Threatens Security Like Never Before.url

Call to Arms Christians Joining Forces Against ISIS.url

Egyptian Islamic Leader Bassem Khafagy Rebukes Hamas for Betraying the Muslim Brotherhood.url

Fmr WH Advisor Obama’s ISIL Admission A ‘Wince-able’ Moment Washington Free Beacon.url

Found The Islamic State's Terror Laptop of Doom.url

Friend of Steven Sotloff reacts to execution claims.url

Have Obama's Promises For Justice, Action Against ISIL Been Empty Threats.url

ISIL takes strategic Syrian province in major defeat for Assad - World Tribune.url

Iraqi troops, Kurdish fighters celebrate end of Amerli blocus - YouTube.url

Islamist Militia Now Guards US Embassy in Libya - ABC News.url

Laptop reportedly seized from ISIS hideout hints at bio weapons attack.url

Muslim Brotherhood sheikh ISIS a deviant group.url

New ISIS battle video released - YouTube.url

Obama must answer Are we at war with the Islamic State - The Washington Post.url

Obama notifies Congress of airstrikes in Iraq.url

Radical cleric speaks about ISIS - YouTube.url

Raw Iraq Forces Battle Militants - YouTube.url

Syria condemns Hollande's misleading campaign and support to terrorist thoughts.url

Syrian Rebels, Government Clash in Golan Heights - ABC News.url

Terrorists’ Handbook National Review Online.url

Who's Shelling Libya Origin Of Airstrikes Unknown - YouTube.url

Why Islamic State Threatens Security Like Never Before.url

Monday, September 1st 2014

Russia is in an Undeclared War on NATO

Back-to-school in Ukraine marred by war - YouTube.url

David Cameron warns Vladimir Putin over Ukraine - YouTube.url

Don't mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says - Yahoo News.url

Kiev warns of 'great war' with Russia as its forces retreat - Yahoo News.url

NATO chief slams Moscow's 'hollow denials' over Ukraine -

Obama cools it He has the right approach to foreign hot spots - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.url

President Obama needs to focus on how the United States can meet global challenges - The Washington Post.url

Putin Wants 'Statehood' Talks In Eastern Ukraine - YouTube.url

Putin advisor says Russia invaded Ukraine - YouTube.url

Putin compares Kiev to Nazi Germany - YouTube.url

Russia effectively at war with EU -Lithuanian president - YouTube.url

Russian invasion marks end of era Our view.url

Sen. Bob Menendez - Russia Is Invading Ukraine.url

Ukraine 2 columns of Russian tanks entering strategic town.url

Ukraine defence minister warns of 'great war' with Russia - Yahoo News.url

Ukraine's Poroshenko We are very close to the point of no return - YouTube.url

BBC News - Iraq conflict Kurds 'recapture oilfields from IS'.url

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