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Friday, August 29th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Blowback - U.S. trained Islamists who joined ISIS.url

Charges U.S. was aware for months of ISIS training in Turkey Before Iraq Fell.url

MSM Blackouts - CIA expert Obama, Osama share Mideast goal.url

MSM Blackouts - Call to Arms Christians Joining Forces Against ISIS.url

SPECIAL EDITION, August 27 2014

The Real Reasons Why Barrack H. Obama Must be Impeached

World War has been declared, whether We like it or not

Libya warns United Nations of possible slide into civil war

MSM Blackouts - Arab Spring descends into Islamic winter

MSM Blackouts - Islamist Militias Take Over Libya Join Islamic Caliphate and Declare Sharia Law

Syrian Islamists seize Golan Heights border crossing

NEWS FLASH! - The Powers Behind The Islamic State

How Obama armed the Islamic caliphate

West Point report describes Islamic State threat as crisis 4 years in the making.pdf

Shocking - Young Boy Pledges Allegiance to ISIS

Islamic State Now Resembles the Taliban With Oil Fields

ISIS Aims to Reestablish Islamic Caliphate on Global Scale-

Saturday, August 23rd 2014

ALERT! - We Are Witnessing The Collapse Of Democracy

Iraqi Relief Advocate - Threatened Christians Need More Help

Is Appointment of Iraq's New Prime Minister a Good Move

NEWS FLASH! - Keeping Filler Ingredients Out of Your Cup of Coffee

Local water rights and future supply preserved

Modern Anesthesia Traces Roots to the American Civil War

Most Adults Need to Double Fruit and Vegetable Intake to Get Key Health, Nutrition Benefits

New Look at What is in Fracking Fluids Raises Red Flags

Overhaul of Our Understanding of Why Autism Potentially Occurs

NEWS FLASH! - Potential killer asteroid can be stopped

Research Questioning Sodium Intake Guidelines

Too Little and Too Much Salt Are Both Harmful, Researchers Find

Friday, August 22nd 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Benghazi When America Switched Sides In The War On Terror.url

NEWS ALERT! - California patient tests negative for Ebola

Sacramento Kaiser Treating Patient Possibly Exposed to Ebola Virus.url

World Health Organization - Ebola Crisis Vastly Underestimated.url

One Hundred Million Americans on Welfare.url

Placerville - Elderly Couple Found Deceased in Home

Amador County Child Pornography Possession Arrest.pdf

Chance to pay for Folsom Lake College books

Labor Day weekend Sutter Creek Annual Sidewalk Sale

Amador County Republicans Labor Day Picnic

Biomarker Could Reveal Why Some Develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Can Instant Noodles Lead to Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke?

Rooting Out Skin Creams That Contain Toxic Mercury

What Triggered Abrupt Climate Change in Paleo Arctic

Alcohol Releases the Beast Within

Thursday, August 21th 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Valley Springs Student Approached by Unknown Males

Amador Arts Swine Soiree Saturday will benefit local arts programs.url

Officials Counter Resident’s Risk Of Running Out Of Drinking Water From Lake Amador.url

Unlike much of California, state's casinos not smoke-free.url

City says Lodi theater knew of bedbug problem previously.url

FBI Agent Accused of Misconduct in California Politics Probe.url

Is Obama doing enough to help persecuted Christians.url

Pelosi Subsidies Benefit Husband’s Investment in Dem Mega-Donor’s Company.url

Tom Steyer Push for Green Agenda in Midterms Not Working as Planned.url

Tom Steyer’s ads test the boundaries of the ‘bizarre’ - Darren Goode.url

Wednesday, August 20th 2014

EXCLUSIVE! - Ferguson Missouri, Cops Chase Possible Armed Suspect into the Crowd.url

EXCLUSIVE! - Ferguson Missouri Protesters Chant Peaceful Slogans Aug. 20 2014.url

EXCLUSIVE! - Ferguson Missouri -The Police don't wanta fight- some protesters coached, gear up for late night battle.url

EXCLUSIVE! - Ferguson Missouri Protesters Gather For Late Night Meeting Aug. 20 2014 .url

Ferguson Missouri Protests had a media blackout imposed during late night rally.url

Raw Police Weapon Drawn Near Protesters, Media.url

Ferguson Missouri How Widespread is the Looting and Property Destruction.url

Police hold back on tear gas at Ferguson protest.url

Ferguson police - there's a dangerous dynamic in the night.url

News Reporter Chris Hayes Gets Stoned in Ferguson Missouri.url

Ferguson Protesters React to Michael Brown Robbery Footage.url

Ferguson protests prompt closer look at race issues.url

Funeral arrangements for Michael Brown announced by his family.url

Tuesday, August 19th 2014

BEDBUG WARNING - Investigation into bedbugs in Lodi - Is Amador County Next?

Mokelumne Wild and Scenic River Stopped in Assembly Appropriations Committee, for now

Amador Fire Protection Dist. Board Meeting August 19, 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Man missing in the American River Sunday Found

El Dorado County - August is Child Support Awareness Month

El Dorado County - Parents Reminded of New Process for Student Immunization Exemptions

El Dorado County Public Health Division Offers Back-to-School Childhood Immunizations

NEWS ALERT! - MSM Networks fail to report Pelosi political donors

Arab League ISIS Committed Crimes Against Humanity

We cannot turn a blind eye to ISIS Genocide of Christians

EXCLUSIVE! - What happened to his rights?!

Monday, August 18th 2014

EXCLUSIVE! -Michael Brown, Ferguson Missouri and the racial nightmare in America

NEWS FLASH! -Amador County Fire Near Ione Yesterday

California campaign finance measure booted off ballot.url

NEWS FLASH! -El Dorado County Death Investigation Near Missouri Flat Road

Home sales plunge in pricey California market.url

NEWS ALERT! -How government becomes corrupt.url

Ione City Council Meeting August 19 2014.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting Will be Continued from Lask Week.pdf

Jackson City Council Notice of Adjournment Posting 08-12-14.pdf

NEWS FLASH! -Plane Crashes in El Dorado County

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting August 18 2014.pdf

Wild and scenic rejected for Mokelumne River.url

Friday, August 15th 2014

Amador County Water Agency Meeting August 14 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Chief of Police discusses the new NIXLE program.url

Sand Fire Benefit El Dorado Fairgrounds August 22 2014.url

sandfire benefit tickets.url

Teachers Protest El Dorado County School Cuts Despite New Grants.url

California Pols Have Legislated a Big Gasoline Increase.url

FBI Agent Accused of Misconduct in California Politics Probe.url

Hetch Hetchy water tunnel in danger of catastrophic collapse.url

Jerry Brown renegotiates tribal gambling pact.url

Sacramento housing market cools off from fevered rebound.url

Will Suspected Criminals Yee and Calderon get Senate goodbye.url

Fed survey says many U.S. households just getting by.url

August 14th 2014

Amador County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn citizens of two recently immerging scams.pdf

El Dorado County - CHP arrested Driver after crashing into school bus.url

Howard University Students Share Powerful Image in Response to Ferguson.url

Sand Fire Fund Raiser and Motorcycle Run, August 23.url

Sand-Aid Poster.jpg

When people are dying, you must come back from vacation - French foreign minister.url

Are Elementary School Start Times Too Early for Young Children

Back-to-School Anxiety Common for Kids and Adolescents

Can Large Introductory Science Courses Teach Students to Learn Effectively

Excellent Time to Reinforce Good Dental Care Habits in Children

Here, Career Prep Is Free, and Part of Every Student's Experience

How Can College Students Support Their Own Mental and Emotional Health

Parents- 6 Tips to Help Protect Your Child From Sports Concussions

Six Essential Tips for First-Time College Parents

Volunteers Needed for Massive Smithsonian Digitization Project

Weight Gain, Fatigue Pose Problems for First-Time College Students

August 13th 2014

NEWS FLASH! -Suspect Arrested for Sending Sexual Texts to Minor

Sand Aid, a benefit for Sand Fire victims September 7 2014

Sand Fire El Dorado Fairgrounds Benefit August 22 2014

SR 88 Pine Grove Corridor Improvement Project

Pine Grove SR-88 Improvement Project document.pdf

CHP to hold recruitment seminar in San Andreas on Aug. 27

Cancellation - Ione Planning Commission Meeting August 12 2014.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting August 11 2014.pdf

Today's Hot Links -

NEWS FLASH! -Local Public offical faces fine for paying son’s legal bills with campaign cash.url

NEWS FLASH! - New rules might recognize more tribes, create new casinos.url

Amador County Search and Rescue deployed on the Mokelumne River Yesterday.url

Renwood Winery A Global Reboot on Winemaking hitched.url

See which colleges nationwide attract the most California students.url

Sierra Foothills Zinfandel is Ready.url

State Rep. McClintock holds Copperopolis town hall.url

US wineries count cost of latest fire.url

August 12th 2014

Drought and humans combine for dangerous fire season.url

Human remains found near Amador County line hundreds of years old.url

El Dorado County residents wage ballot battle over growth.url

Mother Lode ‘mystery booms’ cause commotion.url

Inaction in Syria leads to Obama Iraq quagmire.url

Islamic State killed 500 Yazidis, buried some victims alive Iraq.url

Islamic militants crush tribal uprising in Syria.url

Obama admin. sending weapons to Kurdish forces to fight ISIS.url

Women stoned to death in Syria for adultery.url

New questions in the death of Kevin Ward Jr.url

Shooting victim ignored by passers-by.url

August 11th 2014

ALERT! - RED FLAG WARNING - National Weather Service Advisory Wildfires

Lightning sparks new fires in California.url

Amador County Employees Get Favorable Ruling From State

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda August 12, 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting August 12, 2014.pdf

Americas real social prejudices

Foolish Correspondent Tries to Interview the Islamic State

Former Calpers board member charged with bribery in corruption case

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting August 11 2014.pdf

Upcountry Community Council Meeting August 11 2014

Upcountry Community Council Minutes April 14 2014.pdf

Morning Hot Links -

US Ebola check means quarantine of missionaries.url

Is US doing enough to support the Kurds in northern Iraq.url

France looking at supplying Iraqi Kurds with arms FM.url

Kurdish forces retake 2 towns from Sunni militants.url

US air power delivers modest gains in Iraq as Yazidis flee to safety.url

US strikes spur Kurd fightback against Iraq jihadists.url

Yazidis in Iraq flee for their lives.url

Baghdad residents react to Obama's decision Watch the video.url

Egypt, Saudis seek united front against militant Islam.url

Survivors of Boko Haram attack stranded on mountain with no food.url

August 8th 2014

9th Annual Kyle Metcalfe Benefit Golf Tournament at Mace Meadows

Amador County News Weekend Report August 8 2014

Early Morning Hot Links August 8 2014

Giggle golf tournaments for 2014

Kirkwood Inn 150th Anniversary Celebration

Mother Lode Veterans Benefit Orientation

Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival

TGIF Summer Concerts- Tres Blues Hombres at Minnie Provis Park, Sutter Creek Tonight

The Golden State

MSM Blackouts - Obama adviser Let in illegals to get votes

Why America is Failing - It Lies to Itself

August 7th 2014

Biological Impacts of Fracking Still Largely Unknown

Catholic League slams Obama - Do Christian lives mean so little to you.url

Did Lower Testosterone Help Civilize Humanity?

Just One Simple Question Can Identify Narcissistic People

Mental Health Coaching Improves Outcomes for People with Diabetes and Depression

New Data Shows Home-Based Primary Care Lowers Medicare Costs for High-Risk Elders

Paddle boat that ran aground is freed in Lake Tahoe.url

Rockets fire over reporter on live TV.url

Send Art Majors Into the World with Some Business Sense

Study Finds Brief Interventions Ineffective for Reducing Unhealthy Drug Use

Study Shows How Non-Consumption Shapes Desire

Tricking Plants to See the Light May Control Most Important Growth Parameters

August 6th 2014

NEWS FLASH! -New Research Characterizes Pediatric In-Flight Deaths Worldwide

NEWS FLASH! -Poor People with Diabetes Up to 10 Times Likelier to Lose a Limb Than Wealthier Patients

NEWS FLASH! -Social Media Alert- Online Phishers Are Farcing You

Important Sutter Creek Business and Professional Association Board Meeting August 7

2014 AG Award for Calaveras County Deputies

CPERB rules Amador County Employees Get The Vote

Chris Horner, Returning for the 5th Annual Clarks Corner Cycling Challenge.url

Citizens Report - Scam alert and BOLOs for suspects of robberies August 6th 2014

Creating Buzz About Science to Help Solve Pressing Global Challenges

Cute Baby Deer Loves Being Tickled.url

Global Climate Trend Since Nov. 16, 1978

Higher Chance of Hospital Death Found in Areas Where Emergency Departments Have Closed

NASA - Made for kids of all ages

August 5th 2014

WARNING to PARENTS - Social media blamed for scary new trend of idiots setting themselves on fire.url

Attack on military base outside Kabul kills American General.url

Military jets escort Qatar Airways plane to Manchester Airport.url

RAF Jet Escorted Plane with Bomb Threat into Manchester Airport.url

Ione City Council Meeting August 5 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Technical Advisory Committee Meeting August 5 2014.pdf

U.S. services sector, factory data point to solid economic growth.url

August 4th 2014

NEWS FLASH! - For all the victims of the Sand Fire, a fundraiser

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting August 4 2014.pdf

Couple killed in a boating accident on Lake Tahoe

Gov. Brown declares state of emergency for California wildfires.url

Destructive Wildfires Blacken Parts Of California.url

Drought conditions, travelers can spread Valley fever into California’s northern counties.url

Lawsuits over Valley fever pile up against California prison system.url

Online education push continues at CSUs.url

CalPERS announces $500 million investment partnership

I do not know what they will do, kill me or kill my family Israeli youth.url

Lebanese army advances in border battle with Islamists.url

Saturday, August 2nd 2014

NEWS FLASH! - AWA Approves Mandatory Outdoor Water Conservation Measures

NEWS FLASH! - BOLO - Stranger Danger in Valley Springs Reported

ALERT! - CSLB Sand Fire Aftermath Outreach, July 31, 2014

ALERT! - Scammers Still Active in Amador County

El Dorado County Helicopter Crash on the Rubicon Trail

Blasting Reported in Volcano Area

Highway 88 Pine Grove Improvement Project Workshop Scheduled Soon

1st Saturday Amador Art Trek Saturday, Aug 2 2014

Laurie Williams Sutter Creek Gallery Saturday Aug 2 2014

Spotlight on Amador Arts Gallery in Sutter Creek for the month of August

Dancin in the Street Saturday, August 2

August 1st 2014

Amador County - A Dog Day at the Shelter.url

Commentary by Calaveras County Supervisor Cliff Edson about Wild & Scenic.url

EDC supervisor candidates try to woo voters.url

Firefighters keep Yosemite blaze far from sequoias The Chronicle-Journal.url

For victims of Sand fire, it is neighbors helping neighbors.url

Go to College in Amador County - Amador Community College Foundation.url

Live copter 3 surveyed were fire burnt in Amador & El Dorado County.url

NEWS FLASH! - Ousted Yolo County counsel hired by El Dorado.url

Sand Fire in Amador County (en español).url

July 31 2014

STARTS SOON - Amador Community College Foundation.url

TSPN - Will wild and scenic prevent CalFire from using flame retardant?

Wild and Scenic designation may jeopardize water supply in California.url

NEWS FLASH! - War on Children - Boko Haram survivor My story.url

Hamas founder's son speaks out against terrorist group.url

Boy with Cancer Receives More Mail in One Day Than Entire Town.url

California wildfires crews work to protect sequoias in Yosemite.url

Crews work to keep Yosemite fire from giant sequoias KCRA.url

Richard Forster Supervisor's Report July 30, 2014.url

July 30 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Karye Wells Sand Ridge Fire Relief Fund for Ian and Elizabeth.url

ALERT! - Photos of Pioneer Bank Robbery Suspect Still on the Loose.url

Local California Conservation Corps members assisting with wildfires.url

Crews work to keep Yosemite fire from giant sequoias -KCRA.url

NEWS FLASH! - Commentary - El Dorado County Sup D2 Race Update.url

Red Hawk Casino Feeds the Fire victims and relief workers.url

Sen. Yee faces racketeering charge in new indictment.url

Amador County Richard Forster Reports on AM Live July 30, 2014.url

General Garner - US must stay out of Iraqi violence.url

July 29 2014

ALERT! - Amador County Armed Robery at American River Bank Upcountry

Photos of Pioneer Bank Robbery Suspect Still on the Loose.url

ALERT! - Local Lawmakers Urge Governor To Declare State of Emergency In Response to Sand Fire

ALERT! - State Leaders ask Governor for Emergency relief for Sand Fire Victims.pdf

ALERT! - El Dorado County Services Available for Sand Fire

Property damaged in Sand fire eligible for property tax relief.url

Sand Fire Destroys 19 Homes and 45 Structures.url

Sand Fire leaves many seeking refuge.url

Successful Search and Rescue at Eagle Falls

Special election to replace ousted county supervisor Ray Nutting stirs up El Dorado County.url

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda July 29 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting July 29 2014.pdf

Man who refused treatment for tuberculosis arrested.url

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