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July 31 2014

STARTS SOON - Amador Community College Foundation.url

TSPN - Will wild and scenic prevent CalFire from using flame retardant?

Wild and Scenic designation may jeopardize water supply in California.url

NEWS FLASH! - War on Children - Boko Haram survivor My story.url

Hamas founder's son speaks out against terrorist group.url

Boy with Cancer Receives More Mail in One Day Than Entire Town.url

California wildfires crews work to protect sequoias in Yosemite.url

Crews work to keep Yosemite fire from giant sequoias KCRA.url

Richard Forster Supervisor's Report July 30, 2014.url

July 30 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Karye Wells Sand Ridge Fire Relief Fund for Ian and Elizabeth.url

ALERT! - Photos of Pioneer Bank Robbery Suspect Still on the Loose.url

Local California Conservation Corps members assisting with wildfires.url

Crews work to keep Yosemite fire from giant sequoias -KCRA.url

NEWS FLASH! - Commentary - El Dorado County Sup D2 Race Update.url

Red Hawk Casino Feeds the Fire victims and relief workers.url

Sen. Yee faces racketeering charge in new indictment.url

Amador County Richard Forster Reports on AM Live July 30, 2014.url

General Garner - US must stay out of Iraqi violence.url

July 29 2014

ALERT! - Amador County Armed Robery at American River Bank Upcountry

Photos of Pioneer Bank Robbery Suspect Still on the Loose.url

ALERT! - Local Lawmakers Urge Governor To Declare State of Emergency In Response to Sand Fire

ALERT! - State Leaders ask Governor for Emergency relief for Sand Fire Victims.pdf

ALERT! - El Dorado County Services Available for Sand Fire

Property damaged in Sand fire eligible for property tax relief.url

Sand Fire Destroys 19 Homes and 45 Structures.url

Sand Fire leaves many seeking refuge.url

Successful Search and Rescue at Eagle Falls

Special election to replace ousted county supervisor Ray Nutting stirs up El Dorado County.url

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda July 29 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting July 29 2014.pdf

Man who refused treatment for tuberculosis arrested.url

July 27 2014

See Latest Fire Updates Here - Twitter #SandFire or here;

1,200 people evacuated as Sand fire grows past 4,000 acres.url

Cal Fire Hwy. 49 fire located in rugged terrain.url

Fire burning east of Hwy 49 in Amador County.url

>Fire continues to burn in Amador & El Dorado County.url

Sand Fire continues to burn; evacuations underway.url

Sands fire grows to 4,000 acres.url

Why the California drought affects everyone.url

July 26 2014

See Latest Fire Updates Here - Twitter #SandFire or here;

Amador County Sand Fire General Information.url

Photos of Grass fire near Plymouth that has burnt hundreds of acres.url

Amador County Assault with a Deadly Weapon Arrest.pdf

July 25 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Fire Crews Battling Large Fire In Plymouth Area - UPDATED

$50,000 reward in Stockton robbery.url

13th Annual Wildflower Festival

2014 Amador County Fair.html

NEWS ALERT! - California manhunt for tuberculosis-positive patient.html

Great American Mines, Part 2 The Keystone Mine.url

Jonah's tomb destroyed, officials say.url

Sudanese woman sentenced to death for being Christan freed, en route to U.S..url

July 24 2014

Amador County Fair Starts Thursday July 24 2014.html

Amador County Preston Castle Tours July 24 2014.html

Americans protest amnesty in 319 cities.url

How America Changed the Meaning of War.url

How Obama Used The Economic Crisis To Promote Socialism In America.url

Hundreds die in Syria - deadliest week.url

Iraqi Cleric Calls for Unity in Battle Against ISIS.html

Long-Term Job Market Trends Paint a Gloomier Picture.url

Obama to attend West Coast fundraisers during dual crises.url

Report Ukrainian fighter jets shot down near Russian border.url

Turkish PM says he, Obama no longer talk directly.url

Ukraine crisis Donetsk sees escalation of clashes.url

July 23 2014

NEWS ALERT! - 5-year-old boy with cancer hopes for birthday cards.url

Amador Farmers Market Today in Pine Grove

Jackson Planning Commission Meeting July 21 2014.pdf

Lanny Davis calls for special counsel to probe IRS scandal.url

Loan will help Kirkwood go on the nation's electrical grid.url

NEWS ALERT! - Report Requests for protection in Benghazi denied.url

San Francisco Will Vote On Soda Tax in November.url

Scenic river debate returns to Calaveras County.url

Sources Militia blamed for Benghazi attack moved next door to US Consulate before strike.url

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting July 21 2014.pdf

Tonight an evening with Skip Banks

July 22 2014

NEWS ALERT! - 3 Reasons Dollar Stores Are A Huge Threat To Supermarkets

Amador County AFPD Agenda July 22 2014.pdf

Amador County Public Works Committee Agenda July 24 2014.pdf

Federal appeals court invalidates some ObamaCare subsidies, in blow to health law.url

Forget 17,000 is Dow Jones heading for 6K.url

Keep the Mokelumne River from State Control

Northern California homeowner sues mortgage company and wins.url

Political shakeup looms in California - Alexander Burns.url

Regulation to Ensure Agencies and State Residents Increase Water Conservation.pdf

Russian hackers placed 'digital bomb' in Nasdaq - report - Jul. 17, 2014.url

State Seeks Control of Mokelumne River by using Wild and Scenic Issue.pdf

The FBI's Phony War on Terror - Andrea J. Prasow.url

July 21 2014

One-way traffic control on State Route 88 near Plasse Road for utility work.pdf

NEWS ALERT! - IRS official Lost Lois Lerner emails may still exist.url

Boxer Calls on UN to Condemn Use of Civilians as Human Shields

California Agriculture focuses on water efficiency

California Drought Operations Plan for Coming Dry Months.pdf

California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste into Ground

California marks warmest winter and spring on record

California's big scare over water scarcity.url

Community gardens help stretch food dollars

NEWS ALERT! - Did men rob same Stockton bank in January.url

Millions in Grants to Improve California Charter School System

Why Are We Still Fighting Over Birth Control in the 21st Century

July 18 2014

Amador Centers for Higher Learning - Senator Berryhill and Assembly Member Bigelow visit Today

5th Annual Amador County Fair Kick-Off BBQ Saturday July 19 2014

AKJU Team America West Coast National Karate and Ju-Jitsu Championships

Dancin in the Street Saturday in Amador City

Hit and Giggle Golf Tournament at Mace Meadow Sunday

Junior Golf Camp at Mace Meadows Monday July 21 2014

California News Report for July 18 2014

July 17 2014

Family, Friends Of Bank Robbery Hostage Mourn Her Death.url

NEWS ALERT! - Like a war zone -

Stockton Bank Robbery Ends After Violent Chase.url

Stockton PD Bank robbers, hostage dead after chase, gun battle.url

Yolo County Officials Perplexed By Unusual Spike In Whooping Cough Cases.url

July 16 2014

World News Report July 16 2014

July 15 2014

World News Report July 15 2014

July 14 2014

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda July 15, 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting July 15, 2014.pdf

Amador County Technical Advisory Committee Meeting July 14 2014.pdf

El Dorado and Amador Counties Public Safety Live Audio Feed.url

NEWS ALERT! - Former CalPERS chief guilty of bribery

Guest Opinion - El Dorado Grand jury needs to learn meaning of investigation.url

Jackson City Council Meeting July 14 2014.pdf

Listen Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador Counties Police and Fire Scanner.url

Pine Grove Dollar General store would be an eyesore

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting July 14 2014.pdf

July 11 2014

Barack Obama on impeachment 'Really' - Edward-Isaac Dovere.url

Feds Tighten Lab Security After Anthrax, Bird Flu Blunders.url

How to Get Things Done 21 Productivity Secrets from Successful People.url

Learn how to Count Like an Egyptian.url

Muslim leaders explain Barack Obama love - Kendall Breitman.url

NEWS ALERT! - Naked selfies extracted from factory reset phones.url

Second federal judge tells IRS to explain lost Lerner emails.url

The verdict is in Obamacare lowers uninsured - David Nather.url

In U.S., Uninsured Rate Sinks to 13.4% in Second Quarter.url

Few Americans Say Healthcare Law Has Helped Them.url

July 10 2014

World News Report July 10 2014

July 9 2014

400 trucks burn on Afghan roads.url

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Adopted Budget 2014.pdf

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Grand Jury Report 2013-2014.pdf

CBS Lost Appetite For Government Watchdog Stories, Attkisson Says.url

Christians attacked again - Isis destroys Iraq shrines.url

Secrecy helps private equity line pockets at expense of public.url

Syrian Palestinian Refugees Besieged By Assad Seek Food.url

July 8 2014

Update - Man Stabbed to Death in Pioneer

Valley Fever - Fungal disease proves difficult to diagnose.url

Amador County Administrative Committee Agenda July 07, 2014.pdf

Ione Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled July 9 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting Agenda July 7 2014.pdf

Lodi terror case challenged

California goes after CNN whistle blower

Why the Price of Gold is Falling.url

13 Most American Companies.url

Canada-s Oil Extraction Controversy.url

As Contemporary Art Sales Wrap, Where is Art Market Now.url

How Liberal are you This short quiz will tell you - 2014 Political Party Quiz.url

Leak at Fukushima nuclear plant threatens dangerous meltdown.url

July 7 2014

NEWS ALERT! - 2 arrested in fatal Amador Co. stabbing

Amador County Grand Jury attacks ex-CAO Daly

Opinion - Daly left Amador in financial chaos.url

NEWS ALERT! - Politian faces charge of lying about getting son a job

NEWS ALERT! - Sutter Gold Announces New Major Shareholder and Restructures Debt

Sutter Gold Mining Inc Selling 73 percent of Stock to Tyhee Gold Corp

Americans baby photos and resumes among NSA spy haul - July 6 2014.url

Calaveras County Grand Jury says 400,000 Dollars squandered on tech.url

Calaveras Unified faces 2.4 Million Dollar shortfall.url

California Family wants officer held accountable in beating.url

Deportations on decline, despite Million Dollar PR campaign to counter border surge.url

Ebola outbreak US man tested in Ghana.url

Most accounts investigated by NSA belong to ordinary Internet users, report claims.url

Political Chatter Obama blamed for immigration influx.url

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1 pct - ex CIA spy.url

Training Dogs To Avoid Rattlesnakes.url

What is Missing From The Jobs Report A Construction Boom.url

July 4 2014

California Republicans often find their bills hijacked by Democrats.url

Is America in deep denial.url

Is the US economy really creating jobs.url

Monica Crowley on the unrest in Iraq.url

Obama celebrates, critics pick apart latest jobs report.url

Obama foreign policy flaws.url

Where are the hardest places to live in the Sacramento region.url

White House hints at more Wall Street reform.url

July 3 2014

World News Report July 3 2014

July 2 2014

World News Report July 2 2014

July 1 2014

California Gov. Brown cuts down size, scope of water bond.url

California hydropower advances -CalWatchDog.url

Feds bring immigration confusion to California.url

In Dry California, Water Fetching Record Prices.url

World News Report July 1 2014

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