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June 27 2014

Christians flee mortar attacks near Mosul, Iraq.url

Despite White House Claims, Up To 80% Of Migrant Children Can Legally Stay In Country.url

Doctor Risk of Diseases Brought by Migrants Not Being Taken Seriously.url

NEWS ALERT! - VA corruption a national disgrace.url

GAO Report US Compounds Still in Danger 2 Years After Benghazi.url

NEWS ALERT! - Islamism's slow genocide against Christianity - The Commentator.url

Jihad Watch's Spencer 'Zero Chance' of Iraq, US Placating ISIS.url

Nigerian Ďsex-slavesí disrupt Obama narrative on Islam - The Commentator.url

Obama Warns Central Americans - Do Not Send Your Children To The Borders.url

Obama's $65.8 Billion War Request Includes Aid for Syrian Rebels.url

Report 90% of illegals skip immigration court appearances; 135,000 will go missing.url

Study All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants.url

NEWS ALERT! - Syrian rebels buckling in face of jihadis.url

Time to wise up to the Muslim Brotherhood - The Commentator.url

NEWS ALERT! - US military aid to Syrian rebels too little, too late.url

June 26 2014

NEWS ALERT! - All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants

California - SEIU dissident renews fight for union transparency.url

California state government retirements plunge.url

NEWS ALERT! - Suspected kidnapper arrested in Angels Camp

Sutter Creek arrests Ione man for vandalism, seeks public help

World News Report June 26 2014

June 25 2014

Amador Water Agency Meeting June 26, 2014.pdf

Calaveras County Robbery Investigation in Arnold

NEWS ALERT! - California Study Claims Pesticides Tied to Autism

Ione City Council Special Meeting June 26, 2014.pdf

Plymouth City Council Meeting June 26, 2014.pdf

Polio Virus Found in Brazil

South Lake Tahoe Area Gang Sweep in El Dorado County

Stay Informed in El Dorado County

Wild and Scenic Bill for Mokelumne River Clears Another Hurdle

Wild and Scenic Bill Passes Foothill Conservancy Applauds Committee

June 24 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Board of Supervisors Meeting - Streaming Audio 9:00 am

Amador County Supervisors Meeting Agenda June 24, 2014.pdf

Amador County Recommended Budget 2014-2015.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda June 24, 2014.pdf

Amador County TAC Meeting Agenda June 23 2014.pdf

Christian woman freed after death sentence in Sudan.url

UPDATE - Sudanese Christian mom spared death sentence detained trying to leave country

Earthquake With Magnitude 8.0 Strikes off Coast of Alaska.url

Jackson City Council Meeting June 23 2014.pdf

Job Opening Jackson Building Inspector Deadline 07-11-2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Commision Meeting June 23 2014 - Cancelled.pdf

Syria - Last Chemical Weapons Shipped Out of Country.url

June 20 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Board of Supervisors Special Meeting June 20, 2014

Board of Supervisors-SPECIAL MEETING June 20, 2014 Agenda.pdf

TGIF Free Summer Concert Friday June 20 2014

4th Annual Triumph Uncorked Fundraising Event Friday June 20 2014

160th anniversary of the founding of Amador County Saturday

1st Annual Interfaith Food Bank Benefit Golf Tournament Saturday June 21 2014

A million daylilies and hundreds of varieties of other unique perennials

Dancing in the Street in Amador City Saturday June 21 2014

Photographers Day at Preston Castle Sunday June 22 2014

June 18 2014

Audio Special Board of Supervisors Meeting Wild and Scenic Proposed Amendments June 17, 2014.url

Crash In Tricolored Blackbird Population Has Biologists Worried.url

Financial Literacy - New Front in the Fight Against Chronic Recidivism in America

HSU Receives 6 Million Dollar Federal Grant for Innovative Biomass Research

Innovative Solutions to the One Billion Ton Food Waste Crisis in the World

President Obama has replenished the enemy

Special Board of Supervisors Meeting Wild and Scenic Proposed Amendments June 17, 2014.url

Sunscreen Use in Childhood Prevents Development of Malignant Melanoma in Adults

June 17 2014

NEWS ALERT! - California declares whooping cough epidemic

Has time run out on Newman Ridge appeal?

Amador County - More Fireworks Ahead for District 3

EBMUD May Block Wild and Scenic Status for the Mokelumne East Bay Express.url

Amador County Supervisors Meeting Agenda June 17, 2014.pdf

SB 1199 Latest Proposed Amendments.pdf

Amador County Administrative Committee Agenda June 16, 2014.pdf

AFPD Board Meeting Agenda June 17 2014.pdf

Ione City Council Meeting Agenda June 17 2014.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting Agenda June 16 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting Agenda June 16 2014.pdf

Love at First Sight - Secret to married couples that stay married

June 16 2014

Al-Qaedas Iraqi Heartland

All About Iraq Battles 2014 - Control of Iraq - Al-Qaeda is Testing Loyalties in Iraq

American made antitank missiles - game changer in Syrian conflict

ISIS - How Iraqi Jihadis Operated In Syria

Iraqi Security Forces Fighting Militants In Falluja And Ramadi, Anbar Province

Islamists unleash all-out assault on Iraqi cities with US weapons

OPEC happy with stable supply and demand, keeps output unchanged

Obama-s Plan for U.S. Troops to Fight Alongside Al Qaeda

Syrians Ask - Why Is Obama Supporting Al Qaeda And Not Us

June 13 2014

Missing Ione woman has been found

Volcano Theatre Company presents - Visit to a Small Planet

TGIF Free Summer Concert Tonight in Jackson

Banjo Festival Amador City Saturday June 14 2014

Julia Parker at Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park Saturday, June 14 2014

History by the Creek - Saturday in Sutter Creek

The Amador Home and Lifestyle Show June 14th and 15th, 2014

Blues and BBQ at the St. George Hotel in Volcano Sunday

Grand Opening Pool Party Gold Country Pet Resort Sunday

June 12 2014

News of the Day June 12 2014

2014 TGIF Summer Music Series Schedule.pdf

Investing in forests reduces megafires and saves millions.pdf

Northern Californa Drought Update June 2014.pdf

SB-1199 Wild and scenic rivers Mokelumne River Senate Floor Analyses.pdf

San Joaquin River Watershed Junior Water Rights to be Curtailed.pdf

Statewide notice of water shortages and potential for future curtailment of water rights.pdf

Wild and scenic rivers Mokelumne River - Senate Natural Resources And Water.pdf

June 11 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Woman Missing - anyone with information contact the Police

Al Qaeda linked insurgents capture Iraq's second largest city

At least 630 killed in rebel infighting in Syria

Family mourns man killed while trying to stop shooting spree

How Wartime Spending Decisions Will Constrain Future National Security Budgets.pdf

NATO Commander says Russia has changed paradigm in Europe

Obama, We Are Osama - Al QAEDA IS BACK

The Week in News June 11 2014

June 10 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Wild and Scenic Does Take Away Water and Water Rights

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda June 10 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting June 10 2014.pdf

Listen Live - Amador County Supervisors Meeting June 11 2014

Jackson City Council Meeting June 9 2014.pdf

Stay Cool This Summer and Have Fun Learning Too

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting June 9 2014.pdf

Upcountry Community Council June 9 2014

what the longest jobs recovery in American history looks like - six years.jpg

June 09 2014

NEWS ALERT! - America Stay Out of Syria

Al Qaeda-linked jihadists helped incite 9-11 Cairo protest

Benghazi to Syria - The New American War on Terror

The Libyan War - What They Do Not Want You to Know

Michelle Obama Emotional Speech at Maya Angelou Memorial Service

Putin - Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi

Saudi King Abdullah Threatened Gaddafi with a Grave

Stream of al Qaeda threats has U.S. intelligence concerned

Susan Rice - I tell the facts as we know them

NEWS ALERT! - Taliban Strike Pakistan Airport Deadly Attack

The 7 reasons why the WEST wanted Gadaffi dead

The American War on Terror - A Man that Changed Islam Forever

The American War on Terror Verus the Wahhabi Movement

NEWS ALERT! - The New War on Terror - After 2012

The Video was Part of the Attack Plot, Sort of

The video WAS involved - but in a strange way

U.S. policy in Syria focuses on humanitarian crisis?

UN calls on Libyan government to protect its people after a surge in violence

US doesn-t believe missile supplies to Syrian rebels can change military situation - expert

What the Arab Spring Really Was

June 08 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Nuclear Jihad - Iran ICBMs capable of reaching the United States by 2015

No Tangible Progress in Latest Round of Nuclear Talks with Iran

NEWS ALERT! - Malik Obama Scandal Makes Headline News, Except in America

NEWS ALERT! - Obama Family Connection to Terrorism

NEWS ALERT! - No American will be Left on the Face of the Earth

The Day Will Come When We Will Be the Masters of the World

Obama Administration Childish Grandstanding Has Gotten People Killed and Tortured

Obama Syria Policy Under Fire From His Former Envoy

Anti-Islam film a pretext, US ambassador killing shows Libya intervention fail

Susan Rice Lies Again - The Obama Administration is Negotiating with Terrorists

Taliban spokesman - prisoner exchange won-t help the peace process in any way

Psychopathic Muslim Extremist Would Rather See His Sister Die than be Christian

Where the New War on Terror was Born - From Egypt to Benghazi, Now Syria

History of the Muslim Brotherhood Penetration of the U.S. Government

Americans at Cairo Embassy had warnings on the morning of 9-11 2012

Chechen Fighters Sent to Ukraine On Russian Orders

US deploys first long range advanced drones to Japan

BP Exec Who Led Gulf Coast Cleanup Admits to Insider Trading Charges

Tom Steyer Launches Dishonest Attack on Keystone

June 07 2014

See What the News Media Does Not Want You to See - Week of June 7 2014

June 06 2014

NEWS ALERT! - Search Continues for Teen Missing from Placerville

NEWS ALERT! - supervisor ousted for commiting misdemeanors in Office

Former Mayor Will Plead Guilty To Fraud

Amador County News Weekend Report June 6-8 2014

AmadorArts Gallery - Ruth Andre Saturday June 7 2014

Why did Senate passes Wild and Scenic bill for the Mokelumne River?

Think Meth is not a problem - Assault rifle, drugs found in search

Lodi men arrested, in possession of 12 pounds of meth

Folsom student overcomes hardship, earns full ride to Princeton

Nevada twins are co-valedictorians at high school

Nevada ranchers stage horseback rally against federal land policy

Why Veterans Affairs Canít Root Out Its Corruption.url

Why psychiatrists canít stop mass killings.url

June 03 2014

2014 Elections Results for Amador County

News Flash! - FBI issues nationwide alert for San Francisco man

Amador County District 3 candidate financials revealed.url

Amador County District 5 supervisor race finances.url


The Short Version of What Happened in Benghazi 2012

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi - A Place Ripe for War

One video explains Benghazi and Syria in 20 minutes

US-backed gangs doomed to fail in Syria.url

Syria Syrian Soldiers, Syrian Civilians and Who are the Opposition.url

Free Army deserter but not US Marine in Mexico.url

How dangerous are released Taliban prisoners.url

Obama defends prisoner exchange for Bergdahl.url

Pentagon inquiry in 2010 found Bergdahl walked away from unit, report claims.url

Wartime messages to parents, fellow soldiers reveal troubled Bergdahl.url

Was the Bergdahl prisoner trade legal.url

June 02 2014

Amador County Votes Tomorrow, What For Exactly

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What Is The Truth About Islam?

What Is The Truth About the Benghazi Cover Up?

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