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April 30 2014

EXCLUSIVE! -How to Steal Water from Amador County, Have Inside Help

April 29 2014

Benghazi- Obama Provided Material Support to Terrorists

Benghazi- Obama's Disgrace

Debunking the Birther Myth Once and For All

Obama Goes Off On- Birther Crazy Stuff

Judge Jeanine Nails Dirty Harry Reid, Bundy Ranch was Mitigation Area for Chinese Deal

Dirty Harry Reid on the Offensive - More Attacks on Kochs, no word on BLM China Scandal

Dirty Harry Reids Wacky Supporters Continue Cover up

The BLM has been engaged in a systematic criminal conspiracy to drive Nevada ranchers out of business

Sierra Nevada Frog and Toad Protected Under Endangered Species Act

No Death Panels - Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret list

University professor lashes out at Christians

April 28 2014

News Flash! -Two small planes collided over San Francisco Bay

News Flash! -State Senate Hearing on Wild and Scenic Mokelumne River Tommorow

California Wild & Scenic Rivers - Foothill Conservancy

Amador County News Report April 28 2014

Jackson City Council Meeting April 28 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting April 28 2014.pdf

A possible drowning at Lake Camanche Last Week

ALERT! -Amador county - At Risk Missing Person

April 27 2014

Exclusive! - Cliven Bundy, Mostly a Racist or a Propaganda Target?

Exclusive! -Main Stream Media Morns Cliven Bundys use of the word Negro

Notes on the Red Rock Canyon Shooting

Original Statements by Nevadans and the BLM about the Bundy Ranch

Public Dole Out of Control in Age of Obama

Teachers Union to Mayor Rahm Improving failed schools full of black kids is Racist

News Flash! -Major Economic Adviser -fears global recession developing

Worth a second look -David Stockman- The Great Deformation

April 25 2014

California’s Tom Steyer - Billionaire Predator or Green Savior?

Harry Reid and his Friends

April 24 2014

The Bundy Ranch Rebellion

April 23 2014

World News Report April 23 2014

April 22 2014

World News Report April 22 2014

April 21 2014

The Candidates Debate - Missing in Action

Jackson - Fuller Family Donate Creek Walk Next to Mel and Fayes.pdf

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting April 21 2014.pdf

CalPERS board member under scrutiny again for late financial reports

Court To Weigh Challenge To Ban On Campaign Lies

Obama statement on immigration sets stage for executive action

What kept the Bundy protestors from a bloody end

Treason - US Company sells China Software for attack helicopter

World News Report April 18-20 2014

World News Report April 21 2014

April 18 2014

News Flash! - Barrack Obama's Bundlers

News Flash! - Steyer has a history of environmentally destructive business ventures

Amador County News Weekend Report April 18 2014

Amador county Safe Drinking Water Program Funds Available

CalPERS Leaves Medical Costs For Sierra Counties like Amador In Bay Area Region

News Flash! - Harry Reid Tied to Medicare Fraudster

News Flash! - Major Democratic Donor Indicted Over Campaign Contributions

Clinton insiders have expressed they are worried

News Flash! - Senior Obama and Homeland Security Adviser Slams Egypt-s Christian Copts

News Flash! -Hamas to Institute Sharia Punishments in Gaza

The Pathology of the Rich - Chris Hedges

The US is not a democracy but an oligarchy, study concludes

Who pays federal taxes

April 17 2014

Two Inmates Escaped from Mule Creek State Prison

Amador Community College Foundation - April 17 2014

April 16 2014

Forum Tonight - Candidates for Amador County Supervisor in Districts 3 and 5

SB 1199 - Wild and Scenic for Moke River.pdf

Sutter Gold Mining Inc. Announces Appointment Of New CFO

News Flash! - A new perspective on the events happening at the Bundy Ranch

News Flash! - Cliven and Carol Bundy Speak, Plus the April 14 Press Conference

News Flash! - Bob Woodward on IRS Scandal -there is something there

Democrats Are Conspiring to Rig the Electoral College

Sharyl Attkisson on White House Pressure

Step up action to curb global warming, or risks rise

Top Dem- If we lose the Senate the party is over

U.S. Role in Rwandan Genocide- A Look at Rwandan Politics

April 15 2014

Amador county supervisors vote Against Wild and Scenic

Moke River Focus Of Special Amador County Supervisors Meeting

LIVE! - Moke River Focus Of Special Amador County Supervisors Meeting - Streaming Audio

Amador County Mine fire closed section of road in Pioneer Last Weekend

News Flash! - Chinese Company Tied to Son of Harry Reid Wants Land in Bundy Standoff

Defiant Cattleman Wins Land Fight, For Now

News Flashback - Lobbyist Convicted of Making Illegal Campaign Contributions to Reid

News Flash! - 6 Billion Dollars Goes Missing at State Department Under Clintons Watch

State Department and the Six Billion Dollar Mystery? See the Document

Boston Marathon victim storms off Meet the Press after being disrespected

First offical in corruption-plagued Bell, Calif., sentenced to prison

Mastermind of Bell corruption scandal gets 33 months in prison for tax fraud

News Flash! -Russian jet passes at close range over US warship in Black Sea

April 14 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Salmonella outbreak linked with Foster Farms chicken -500 or more sick

Amador County Administrative Committee April 14, 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Commision Meeting April 14 2014.pdf

CBS Stopped Benghazi, Fast and Furious, ObamaCare Investigations Because of Political Interests

Main Stream Media A Fraud - Sharyl Attkisson on Leaving CBS

NSA knew about Heartbleed for two years, just exploited it

Vile for Wall Street Journal to Call Political Movement Racist

What Happened to Truth and Justice

World News Report April 14 2014

April 11 2014

Amador County News Weekend Report April 11 2014

CIA Coverup- Pelosi Grinds on CIA day after Official Jumps From Building, Dies

Is AG Holder engaged in Race Bating and Hate Speech

Obama Demonised Mitt Romney and Bain Capital - Juan Williams

Obama Does Lie

World News Report April 11 2014

April 10 2014

Amador County Suspected Political Sign Vandalism

World News Report April 10 2014

April 8 2014

Legislation introduced to designate the Mokelumne a state Wild and Scenic River

Amador Board of Supervisors Consent Agenda April 8 2014

Amador Board of Supervisors Meeting April 8 2014

Amador Planning Commission Meeting April 8 2014

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting April 8 2014

Amador County GOV - Streaming Audio.url

April 6 2014

Exclusive - The Truth about Rawanda - The Clinton Documents

April 4 2014

BOLO- Police seeking alleged child molester

Amador County News Weekend Report April 4 2014

Campaign finance decision affects the influence of money on American politics

Five questions about Benghazi for ex-CIA Acting Director Mike Morell

Fruit and Veggies Costs Too High for Schools

Limiting Kids Screen Time Improves Sleep, Academics and Behavior

Nighttime Light Exposure Suspected Factor in Soaring Obesity Rate

Reporter bullied at inclusive feminist conference

Walter White's Real Crime- He is a Bad Teacher

Wind Energy- On the Grid, Off the Checkerboard

April 3 2014

World News Report April 3 2014

April 2 2014

Amador County News April 2 2014

An Attitude with Gratitude Makes for More Satisfaction

Anesthetic Technique Important to Prevent Damage to Brain

CAL FIRE Increases Staffing As Fire Threat Expands

Crimea is Only the Beginning for Putin, says Historian

FBI Agents Search Legislative Office Near Capitol Used By Yee-s Aides

For Most Adolescents, Popularity Increases the Risk of Getting Bullied

In Search of the American Dream

Raiderette Ruling Reveals U.S. Labor Law Flaws

Top 10 Cities and States for Job Growth

April 1 2014

BOLO - Ione Stray Dog may have Rabies, must find

California Democrats lose their supermajority after corruption arrests

GOP, Democrats represent very different districts

Scale of Guinea Ebola epidemic unprecedented- aid agency

Wake up America - Medi-Cal Estate Recovery program

World News Report April 1 2014

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