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March 31 2014

Who Owns The Media - The Corruption of America

NEWS ALERT! - Amador County Elections 2014 - District 3

Amador City had a City Council Meeting March 20 2014

Ione City Council Meeting April 1st 2014

Is the U.S. stock market rigged ??

Candidates drop the gloves in Toronto 2014 mayoral debate

Caught on camera- Very bad driving in Vancouver

Dollar reserve role secure but set to shrink- BIS

Teen robbed of phone, shot - Where is National Media

World News March 31 2014

March 29 2014

Media double standard for political donors?

Winning over millennials

March 28 2014

Amador County Man arrested for shooting dog, at neighbors and deputies

Benefit Dinner for Zeke - April 5


California senate suspends three lawmakers in criminal probes

Scientists Study Biofuels- More or Less Toxic Than Conventional Fuels

Senate Committee passes Berryhill bill enhancing penalty for arsonists

Survey finds only 1 in 4 Americans support the new health care law

Subconscious Mind Can Detect a Liar Even When the Conscious Mind Fails

Untrained Volunteers May Do Harm as Well as Good During Disasters

March 27 2014

Amador County News March 27 2014

Are Your Amador County Taxes Due?

Amador County Planning Commission Meeting March 25 2014


Brain Differences in Hard Drug Users of Stimulants

Decline of Natural History Troubling for Science, Society

Economic Growth No Cure for Child Undernutrition

Keeping Secrets in a World of Spies and Mistrust

New evidence that autism begins during pregnancy

March 26 2014

EXCLUSIVE! - Thousands of Dollars in Donations to Amador county appear to be Missing

'Extraordinary measures' taken to save salmon from drought

Calif. senator charged in big corruption case

Capitol Alert FBI agents in Leland Yee's office, making multiple arrests today

Former Hospital Owner Will Admit He Bribed Sen. Calderon

How your brain makes moral judgments -

Mayor of Charlotte arrested on public corruption charges

Opponents in Secretary of State Race React to Sen. Yee’s Arrest

Sen. President Darrell Steinberg Calls On Indicted State Senator to Leave

Sen. Yee Accused Of Wire Fraud, Firearms Trafficking

Senate President Calls On Calderon To Resign After Federal Indictment

VIDEO Federal Agents Leave Sen. Yee’s Office after Corruption Arrest

March 25 2014

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda March 25 2014

Amador County Supervisors Meeting March 25 2014

Listen to the Amador county supervisors meeting live - 9:00 am ??
Next meeting - April 1st 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Amador County Candidates Forum scheduled for April 16

Jackson City Council Meeting March 24 2014.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - Amador Possession of Stolen Property Arrest

Black Students and the Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

Children Learn Aggressive Behavior From Violent Video Games

Exploring the Brain for Keys to Solving Parkinson-s Disease

Halt to NSA Phone Sweep Creates New Privacy Threat

Many Breast Cancer Survivors Report Financial Decline Due to Treatment

Research Finds Soda Tax Does Little to Decrease Obesity

Study on Element Could Change Ballgame on Radioactive Waste

March 24 2014

World News Report March 24 2014

March 21 2014

Amador County News Weekend Edition March 21 2014

Child Pornography Suspect Arrested.pdf

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Among Children in the United States on the Rise

Climate Change Will Reduce Crop Yields Sooner

Community College Transfers as Likely to Earn a BA as Four-Year Students

Dry Future Climate Could Reduce Orchid Bee Habitat

Humans Can Distinguish at Least One Trillion Different Odors

It is the End of the World as We Know It – or is it

Lied-to Children More Likely to Cheat and Lie

Magnetic Behavior Discovery Could Advance Nuclear Fusion

More Challenging Content in Kindergarten Boosts Later Performance

Moving and Changing Schools Takes a Toll on Kids Mental Health

NASA study- Way to save Western civilization is communism

New Study- Big Government or Good Neighbors Can Improve Health

Safety First- how parents can teach their children to be safer

Strongest Evidence Yet of Two Distinct Human Cognitive Systems

March 20 2014

Amador County Newsroom - What raw news data really looks like

Amador Community College Foundation Meeting Today

An Open Letter to Chairman Ted Novelli, Chairman of the Land Use Committee

Canadian fishermen strike Asian gold with geoduck clams

Democratic Leader- National debt will make USA not a first-tier nation

Distressed housing market dramatically shrinks

Ex-BofA banker pleads guilty to theft, gets prison

Fighting terrorism and American Interests- Have We the People been misled

Officials investigating Mule Creek State Prison death as possible homicide

Russia signals concern for Russians in Estonia

Russian Broadcaster Warns of Turning US Into Radioactive Dust

Sac County health officials- 21 Grant High students exposed to TB

US tech companies had full knowledge of NSA spying, agency lawyer says

Measles outbreak sparks fear of resurgent diseases

Seventeen People Shot in Violent Weekend in Sacramento

March 16 2014

The Corruption of America - Psychopaths in Public Life

March 14 2014

Op/Ed - Why You will not see News like this anywhere else

Amador County Events - Jackson's Dandelion Days

Amador County Events - Daffodil Hill Opening Day

NEWS FLASH! - Benghazi bombshell! Al-Qaida vowed to kill ambassador

NEWS FLASH! - FBI blocked in corruption probe involving Sens. Reid, Lee

NEWS FLASH! - Feds Say Nonprofit Org Secretly Aided Hillary Campaign

MUST SEE! - Bill Clinton poses for photo with Bunny Ranch prostitutes

Candy Crush maker picks 7.6 billion dollar IPO from thin air

Cantor Pelosi should apologize for outrageous GOP claim

Democrats convinced Darrell Issa can't hold Lois Lerner in contempt

House blocks Dem effort to force Issa apology for IRS hearing

March 13 2014

Updated: The Benghazi Files

The results of the first debate for supervisor candidate District 3

Amador county LDRD Building Code - Supervisor Brian Oneto on TSPN.url

Amador county TAC Meeting March 17 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Comission Agenda March 18 2014.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - Rare redwood faces chopping block for development

Bid-Rigging Conspiracy in San Joaquin County of Real Estate Foreclosure Auctions

NEWS FLASH! - Fatal Fire in Placerville

March 12 2014

Amador County Unified School District Meeting March 12 2014.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - Suspected Armed Robbers Raid Pine Grove Home.pdf

Amador County Public Auction Sale of Tax-Defaulted Property 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Commission - The sign ordinance update.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - Crazy Explosion at Manhattan NYC, Building Collapses, 33 Units.url

Capitol Alert Neel Kashkari says Jerry Brown born into a life of privilege.url

In severe drought plan, California salmon may be moved by truck.url

Innocence of Muslims-The Films Islamic Sources.url

NEWS FLASH! - Massive fire engulfs nine-story building in San Francisco.url

Opinion- There is no white boogeyman.url

Proof of Mulitiple IRS Attacks Targeting of Conservatives

Proof that Democrats tried to Ambush Issa on Benghazi, Again with IRS Scandal

1993 CNN- first reports on the Web.url

March 11 2014

Amador county Supervisors Agenda March 11, 2014.pdf

Amador county Supervisors Consent Agenda March 11, 2014.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting March 10 2014.pdf

March 4 2014

What Is The Truth About Islam?

March 3 2014

What Is The Truth About the Benghazi Cover Up?

Amador county grand jury
Amador county grand jury

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