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February 21 2014

The China Question

The Global version of 50 people one question

February 12 2014

Amador county Museums provide link to Past - SFGate

CAL FIRE Increases Firefighter Staffing in Central Valley.pdf

Daffodil Hill an explosion of color in town of Volcano - SFGate

Is Drought a Sign of the Future

Michigan Was Coldest Spot on the Globe in January 2014

New farm law will benefit California

TSPN Board of Supervisors Report with Richard Forster 2-12-14

February 11 2014

Amador Planning Commission Meeting February 11 2014

Amador Supervisors Meeting Consent Agenda February 11 2014

Amador Supervisors Meeting February 11 2014

Celebrating the character of Amador County - SFGate.url

Jackson City Council Meeting February 10 2014.pdf

Jackson Plan for Oro del Amador Park Report 2014.pdf

Sutter Creek Declares 2014 Water Conservation Resolution.pdf

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled Feb. 10 2014

February 7 2014

Lynn Morgan to kick off campaign for District 3 Supervisor

Upcountry Community Council Meeting - Mon Feb 10

Lawsuit Claims Secretary of State Bowen Disenfranchised 58,000 Ex-Prisoners

NEWS FLASH! - U.S. Secretly Shipping Weapons to Syria

NEWS FLASH! - Senator Helped Fugitives Convicted of Stealing Millions

Less Than Half of Children Treated for Anxiety Achieve Long-Term Relief

Psychologists Find the Perceived Benefits of Casual Video Games

Study Analyzes Content of Nightmares and Bad Dreams

February 6 2014

California Prisons Report 2013.pdf

Exhaled Breath May Help Identify Early Lung Cancer

GOP Amnesty Plan Ignores Will of Republican Voters

Gap in Life Expectancy Between Rural and Urban Residents Is Growing

Giving ethnic minorities tools they need to succeed

Governor calls on Californians to reduce their water usage by 20 percent

Gulf Fish Studied for Safety Following Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Half of Hospitalized Adults Over 65 Need Surrogate Decision-Makers

High-Intensity Strength Training Shows Benefit for Parkinsons Patients

Hospice Techniques for Hospitalized Patients Provide Better End-of-Life Care

February 5 2014

NEWS FLASH! - Decibels and Democracy

NEWS FLASH! - 300,000 Year Old Hearth Found

A Possible Indicator Of More Impulsive Decision-Making

Cancer Diagnosis Does not Increase a Childs Risk of PTSD

Child Savings Accounts Promote Positive Social-Emotional Development

Climate Study Projects Major Changes in Vegetation Distribution by 2100

Contradictory Nutrition News Creates Consumer Confusion

Downsizing by Position or Tenure Hurts Managerial Diversity

NEWS FLASH! - Drug Trafficking Leads to Deforestation in Central America

Even Without a Diagnosis, Psychiatric Symptoms Affect Work Outcomes

Exercise May be Best Medicine to Treat Post-Concussion Syndrome

February 4 2014

Amador County Limited Density Owner-built Rural Dwellings Ordinance.pdf

Limited Density Owner-built Rural Dwellings Ordinance Revisions.pdf

Farm leader discusses release of immigration principles

Report on California State Prison Expansion.pdf

NEWS FLASH! - Concerned About the Health Risk of Soda

How Politics Divide Facebook Friendships

Pesticide Exposure Linked to Alzheimers Disease

Natural Plant Compound Prevents Alzheimers Disease in Mice

Research Finds Link Between Alcohol Use, Not Pot, and Domestic Violence

Tips for Prostate Cancer Prevention and New Advancements

Top 10 Things Women Need to Do to Protect Their Hearts

What You Need to Know About GMOs

February 3 2014

Amador County Administrative Committee Meeting February 3, 2014

Amador County Public Works Committee February 6 2014

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting February 3 2014.pdf

California Water Crisis Will Lead to Severe Problems

NEWS FLASH! - Why was Benghazi a National Security Cover-up?

Is President Obama reaching around Congress

NEWS FLASH! - Norway lawmakers nominate Snowden for Nobel

Will Amanda Knox Be Extradited to Italy

NEWS FLASH! - Bloggers gets same speech protections as traditional press

Amador county grand jury
Amador county grand jury

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