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January 31 2013

EXCLUSIVE! - Obama - Elected at Any Price

EXCLUSIVE! - Obama Versus Nixon - Elected at Any Price

NEWS FLASH! - Judge Opens Inquiry into Death at Mule Creek California Prison

NEWS FLASH! - Feds Dismiss Friends of Amador County Court Challenge

Amador County Weekend News January 31 2014

Fragmented Sleep Accelerates Cancer Growth

Health Care Costs Grow with Body Mass

Nearly Half of America Lives Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Widow of Murdered Cop to Testify at Obama Administration Hearing

January 30 2013

NEWS FLASH! - Federal appeals court rejects challenge to Amador casino

NEWS FLASH! - Possible criminal charge over Rep. Grimm threatening reporter

Atlantic Ocean Bringing Climate Change to Antarctica

Breakthrough May Help Reduce Recurrent Heart Attacks and Stroke

Hearing Loss Linked to Accelerated Brain Tissue Loss

Liars Find It More Rewarding to Tell Truth Than Fib

No Magic Bullet for Coffee Rust Eradication

January 29 2013

Many Unemployed Americans Are Seeking Work for Six-Plus Months

Palestinian Politicians Suggest Violent Uprising in the West Bank

Proper Sleep Is a Key Contributor to Health and Well-Being

Research Underscores the Genetic Complexity in Schizophrenia

Study When Hospitals Share Records Emergency Patients Benefit

Toddlers Aggression Is Strongly Associated with Genetic Factors

Why Accounting Firms and Professionals May View Ethical Environment Differently

January 28 2013

Amador County Supervisors Consent Agenda January 28 2014.pdf

Amador County Supervisors Meeting January 28 2014.pdf

EXCLUSIVE! - Scientists Find Possible Cure for Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Researchers Find Fever-Reducing Medications May Aid Spread of Influenza

What Are Americas Top Challenges

Air Pollution From Asia Affecting World Weather

California uses mountain snow like a reservoir to store water

Evidence of Biological Basis for Religion in Human Evolution

Physical Activity Significantly Extends Lives of Cancer Survivors

Sunday Edition:
January 26 2013

EXCLUSIVE! - The Syrian Question

1 dead in Amador County collision (

NEWS FLASH! - Joseph Duran's mysterious death (YouTube)

Senate Pesident Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg talks about death of Joseph Duran (YouTube)

Federal judge orders hearing into Mule Creek inmate death (Sacramento Bee)

Ione Police Traffic Stop Nets 6 Grams of Heroin En Route to Mule Creek (2012 - TSPN)

Before and after Heroin takes frightening toll on addicts (KCRA)

Amador County Air District Board Meeting Janruary 21 2014.pdf

Ione City Council Meeting Janruary 21 2014.pdf

Upcountry Cabins have been burglarized.pdf

Sunday Edition:
January 19 2013

Benghazi Accountability Review Board Implementation

Benghazi Security Company Ordered to Dodge Media by State Department

Congressman Blasts Senate Select Committee Report On Benghazi Cover-Up

Flocking to Obamacare 25 Holdout States to Reverse Course

Legislator proposes ending health benefits for former part-time politicians

NY New Mayor Active Supporter of Brutal Communist Regime

Practice Guideline Recommendations Based on Less-Than-Ideal Quality of Evidence

Rahm Emanuels Handpicked Comptroller Guilty in Bribery Scheme

Spirituality and Religion May Protect Against Major Depression

Violence, Infectious Disease and Climate Change Contribute to Civilization Collapse

January 17 2013

EXCLUSIVE! - Unsafe at Any Level - Even Low Blood Alcohol Causing Car Crashes

Relationship Between Drinking and PTSD Symptoms in College Students

Secret to Health at 70 -- Play Varsity Sports in High School

Senses of Sight and Sound Separated In Children With Autism

Speech Means Using Both Sides of Our Brain

The Value of a Speech

January 15 2013

NEWS FLASH! - Palestinian Leaders Call For Jihadists To Go And Fight In Jerusalem

Israeli Defense Minister -Kerry Is Obsessive And Messianic- Enough Is Enough

Young Pranksters Skewed Landmark Sexuality Study

Researchers Rethink Massive Iceberg Shifts

Folsom Lake College spring semester begins soon

Three counties - share in troubles, not approaches

Amador Planning Commission Agenda January 14, 2014.pdf

Amador Supervisors Meeting agenda January 14 2014.pdf

Amador Supervisors Meeting consent agenda January 14 2014.pdf

January 13 2013

NEWS FLASH! - A Tale with Two Sides - the Public Pensions Debate

Al-Qaeda In Iraq Continues To Gain Strength

High Levels of Molecular Chlorine Found in Arctic Atmosphere

Jackson City Council Meeting January 13 2014.pdf

Paper Predicts a Future Without Carnivores Would Be Truly Scary

Steady Drop in Use of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Time to Create Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi

UCC Meeting - Mon Jan 13

Walden Trees Leafing Out Far Earlier Than in Thoreau-s Time

Want a Better Work-Life Balance Exercise, Study Finds

Why are we so passionate about higher education in Amador County

January 10 2013

EXCLUSIVE! - Why the News Really does Matter

EXCLUSIVE! - How the News is Twisted to Get Higher Ratings

Amador Administrative Committee Agenda January 6 2014.pdf

Planning Commission Agenda - January 14, 2014.pdf

Exercising While Sick Can Do More Harm than Good

The price of meds has nothing to do with their costs

Preventing Cyberbullying - Common Sense Media.pdf

Insider Trading Laws Are Becoming out-of-date

Is the Stock Market Overvalued

Inequities are killing people on grand scale, reports WHO

Ocean Dead Zones More Deadly for Marine Life than Predicted

January 09 2013

NEWS FLASH! - Amador Community College Classes Starting Now

Amador Community College Astronomy Class Info.pdf

ACUSD-ACOE January 2014 Meeting Public Notice cancelled.pdf

January 06 2013

NEWS FLASH! - Outrageous Facts About Taxes In The United States

7 myths about a federal government shutdown

Arrest of felon with stolen firearm.pdf

Amador county grand jury
Amador county grand jury

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