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No Casino In Plymouth NCIP 2013 Update


No Casino In Plymouth NCIP 2013 Update

In an attempt to keep our supporters informed of the latest developments related to NCIP's lawsuit challenging the Department of Interior's Record of Decision to take land into trust for the proposed Plymouth casino, NCIP plans to send updates via email as developments occur.

We will also make the updates available on the NCIP Blog at However, if at any time you have a question do not hesitate to contact us at or call 209 245 4588.

We expect things to move slowly with few,if any, developments or news until March 23rd when the Department of Interior is scheduled to deliver the administrative record for their May 2012 Record of Decision. There is, however, some news related to the proposed casino to report for January.

You may have heard that Ron Matulich sold his 137 acre parcel that is one of the twelve parcels included in the Ione Band's fee to trust application. A check of records at the Amador County Recorders Office shows the property has been sold to Bonus Gaming in December.

To date ten of the twelve parcels included in the fee to trust application have been purchased by either Bonus Gaming or Valley View Packing as agreed in various option to buy agreements with the property owners. Contrary to what you may have heard, the Ione Band does not own any of the twelve parcels included in their 2006 fee to trust application. The purchase of these properties by Bonus Gaming and Valley View Packing have no effect on NCIP's lawsuit.

Recently we were informed by our attorney that the lawsuits filed in the Washington D.C. District Federal Court challenging the fee to trust applications for casinos by the North Fork and Enterprise Bands have been transferred to the Federal District Court in Sacramento. Serious consideration is now being given to transferring the lawsuit filed by members of the Ione Band challenging the Ione Band's Fee to Trust in the Washington D.C. District Federal Court to the Federal District Court in Sacramento.

What impact, if any, these transfers might have on our lawsuit remains to be seen but our attorney is closely monitoring the status of the these cases and to which Judge they will be assigned.

Lastly, a reminder to purchase tickets to NCIP's March 23rd Dinner Dance as seating is limited to ~200. Tickets can be purchased at the True Value Hardware in Plymouth and at Hein's Bookstore in Jackson or by calling 209 245 4588.

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