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September 28 2012

NEWS FLASH! - Amador county Woman Arrested for Arson

Amador Joins Nationwide Take Back Initiative

2012 Calaveras Artists Studio Tour is September 29-30

ALERT! - Chaw-se Big Time Indian Celebration This Weekend

Hanford St. Gallery is presenting a series by Zbigniew Kozikowski

Kennedy Mine, famous for being one of the deepest gold mines in the world

14th Annual Sutter Creek Blues and Brews Festival - Sat Sept 29

Capital City Cruisers Car Show at Jackson Rancheria Casino

38 Special will bring Southern Rock to Jackson Rancheria

Karling Abbeygate and Her Band at the Sutter Creek Theatre

ACLU Million Dollar Lawsuit Settlement With UC Davis On Pepper-Spraying

Another California city scrambling to avoid bankruptcy

Commercial real estate recovers at slower pace

Obama Falsely Claims Fast and Furious Program Begun Under Bush

Teen Prostitution- Gang Used Social Media Sites to Find Victims

September 27 2012

Amador Water Agency Meeting September 27 2012

Home prices rise for sixth month, a sign of recovery

How to make fall lawn care easier

Renters won-t have to declaw, devocalize pets

State Board Adopts Zone Of Infestation for Goldspotted Oak Borer

The FBI Discusses Insider Trading

The FBI Discusses Investigating Insurance Fraud

September 26 2012

ALERT! - Deputies Arrest Suspect Charged with Attempted Murder and Kidnapping

Vote No on the Newman Ridge Quarry and Edwin Center North Projects

ACUSD School Board Meeting September 26 2012

Amador Heath Workers Train for Mass Casualty Incidents

Authorities ID man shot entering a Placerville home last weekend

City of Ione Faces Huge Fine from State Over Sewer

Native American Big Time Celebration This Weekend

Renowned Artist Injured Trying to Save Studio from Fire

ALERT! - The FBI Discusses Internet Fraud

September 25 2012

ALERT! - Calaveras Sheriff Searches for Missing Man

Jackson Awards Bid for Vista Point Improvement Project.pdf

Jackson Ordinance to Prohibit Dogs on Aime Field at Detert Park.pdf

Nationwide Take Back Drugs Initiative This Weekend

Request for Historic Signage on Highway 49 for the Kennedy Tailing Wheels.pdf

September 24 2012

ALERT! - 4 of 5 Take Plea Deal in Amador County Pot Slaying

Amador Water Agency Meeting September 24 2012.pdf

Jackson City Council Meeting September 24 2012.pdf

Ione City Council Workshop September 24 2012

Sutter Creek Planning Meeting September 24 2012

50-Million-Year-Old Redwood Found in Artic Diamond Mine

Big Hydropower Potential in Small Projects

Mayor, Brother and Associate Arrested for Conspiracy to Extort Bribes

The FBI Discusses Cracking Down on Public Corruption (2005)

ALERT! - The FBI Discusses Public Corruption Now

September 21 2012

Adam Dalton releases weekly update on Park Restoration Projects

China's Secret War- China builds its own military-industrial complex

China's Secret War- How to Spot a Possible Economic Espionage Threat

ALERT! - FBI Discusses Tips for Avoiding Telemarketing Fraud

Short Clips- 2012 Fiddletown Fiddlers Jam, Sutter Creek dog leash law

Sutter Creek Art Gallery Grand Opening This Weekend.pdf

September 20 2012

Amador City Council Meeting September 20 2012

Amador Community College Foundation Meeting September 20 2012

Amador Fire Protection Authority Board Meeting September 20, 2012

Amador LAFCO Meeting September 20 2012

County Workers Protested Layoffs in the Middle of Bargaining Over Layoffs?!?

ALERT! - Proposition 32 - Follow the Money

Proposition 32 - A Union Issue

They Sold Out Their Union, Got Rich, Now Go to Jail

What California state workers pay in union dues and fees

September 19 2012

NEWS FLASH! - Suspect Charged- exhibiting a firearm, resisting or obstructing peace officer

Average California farm real estate value is 7,200 dollars per acre

California Appeals Court Sex Offenders Ruling

California Pension Perk to be Cut Back in October

California Water Districts Paying to Meet Stricter Waste Water Requirements

Farm Leader Praises Signing of Forestry Reforms

Governor Brown to sign Calif. workers compensation fixes

More students leaving California for college

USA health care system wastes 750 Billion dollars a year

September 18 2012

Ione City Council Meeting September 18 2012

AWA Argues Grand Jury Facts, Findings and Recommendations

AWA Rate Study - Jackson City Council Objects

CalPERS Issues Statement on Signing of Pension Reform Act

David Plank announces he is not running for office in November

Gold Mine Planned to Reopen in Fall

Gold Mine Plans Shelved for Grass Valley

Gold Mining Corporation Updates Idaho-Maryland Project

Mayor and others arrested in FBI corruption probe

September 17 2012

ALERT! - Calaveras Sheriff - Missing Woman Located

California DNA Collection From Arrestees Challenged

Jackson Planning Commission Meeting September 17 2012.pdf

ALERT! - Miniature Cattle Stolen in Amador County

Plea deals close in Amador County pot garden slaying

Suspect Has Standoff in Shingle Springs

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting September 17 2012.pdf

Amador Administrative Committee September 17, 2012

September 13 2012

Amador County Suspect Charged with Carjacking, Robbery

Amador County Suspect Charged with Carjacking, Robbery.pdf

Jackson Revitalization Committee September 13 2012.pdf

Plymouth City Council September 13 2012

String of Smash and Grab Robberies Hit Amador County

September 12 2012

Initiative to Make Health Insurance Companies Justify Rates Should Have Qualified

ACUSD Meeting September 12 2012.pdf

September 11 2012

9_11 Memorials in the Greater Sacramento Area

Amador Board of Supervisors Meeting September 11, 2012

NEWS FLASH! - The B.O.S. Millionaire's Club - Richard Forester

Amador county Conflict of Interest Code.pdf

Moody's says Calif. pension fix is positive step

Nobody Will Volunteer for Guardian Angels in Stockton

SEC to Monitor Stockton Bankruptcy

Amador County News September 11 2012

September 10 2012

Amador County News September 10 2012

Amador County Resource Advisory Committee September 11

Amador Dogs to be Kicked Out of Another Park.pdf

Chinas Secret War - Stealing Trade Secrets from Manufacturing

Jackson City Council Meeting September 10 2012.pdf

Police chiefs urge limits on use of drones

Regional livestock processing project eyed

UC Davis Experts on West Nile Virus

USA Must Transcend Political Gridlock to Address Unemployment

September 6 2012

NEWS FLASH! - Is Ted Novelli A Million Dollar Man?

NEWS FLASH! - Multi-Million Dollar Man Maurice John Plasse III

AWA Contemplates What to do with Systems in the Red

Climate Models May Overstate Black Carbons Influence

September 5 2012

NEWS FLASH! - The B.O.S. Millionaires Club - Introduction

Cal FPPC Revised Gift Rules Simpler, More Stringent

CalPERS Supports Goals of Legislatures Pension Reform

Chinas Secret War - Guard Pleads Guilty to Communicating National Defense Info

Chinas Secret War - Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Stealing Trade Secrets

Take a Friend Fishing for Free on Saturday Sept. 8

September 4 2012

NEWS FLASH! - Sutter Gold Gets Much Needed Use Permit Changes

Amador Planning Approves Proposed Ione Quarry and Asphalt Plant

Ione City Council Meeting September 4 2012

2,000 Slot-Machine Casino Approved for Yuba County

GUEST EDITORIAL Governor was wrong to approve casino projects

Reducing smog is a major step forward

Cal lawmakers move to give some illegal immigrants drivers licenses

Amador county grand jury
Amador county grand jury

Click here for the 2012 G.J. report (35 mbs)

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