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Calaveras update regarding the officer involved shooting

Calaveras update regarding the officer involved shooting

Contact: Sgt. Rachelle Whiting

Release Date: 3-16-12
Release Time: immediate

This is an update to information released regarding the officer involved shooting that occurred in
Arnold on 3-15-12.

The Deputy involved in the shooting is Corporal Tom Oldham, a seven and a half year veteran with the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect who was shot and killed has been positively identified as Kevin Charles Duey, age 44, who resided on Moran Road in Arnold. At the time of his death, and in lieu of a jail sentence for a Driving Under the Influence charge, Duey was participating in the Probation Department’s alternative sentencing electronic monitoring program and was wearing an ankle bracelet. Duey had one prior conviction in 1991 for obstructing/delaying a peace officer.

Calaveras Sheriff’s investigators are also following up on statements from reporting parties and witnesses to the event that Duey appeared to be under the influence of something based on his behavior. The Sheriff’s Office can confirm that a methamphetamine pipe was located on Duey’s person. Duey was armed with a 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun as well as a knife.

Per standard policy for officer involved shootings, the Calaveras County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the incident along with Sheriff’s Detectives. At the scene of the shooting investigators discovered numerous bullet casings as well as evidence of bullet holes in vehicles and surrounding houses.

From evidence discovered at the scene and witness statements obtained, the Sheriff’s Office conducted a wide spread neighborhood canvas for other possible victims or damaged property. If anyone in this neighborhood was witness to this event or suffered related damaged property, please notify the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department at (209) 754-6500.

This case is still under active investigation and content of the press releases may be subject to change or update as information is verified by investigators.


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