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How the News is created (pt. 5)

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How the News is created (pt. 5)
By M. W. Boitano
Feb. 1 2012

From the beginning…real news in real time

(Amador county, California) -- Years before I becoming a News editor of a small non-profit online, I studied to become a writer.

For decades. I’d take classes at night. I’ve spent years in college, I’d spend too many nights reading, composing, studying. Decades of spoken and written verbiage at virtually every opportunity.

So, when it came to editing I found it very comfortable, easy, almost. Now, don’t get Me wrong, no formal process of writing should be “easy.” It’s just I’m kind of a stickler. I relish the art of literature, so why not be adept at the inner workings of writing, the editing? What better way for a writer to force structure into Their writings, by becoming more proficient at editing, not just producing copy.

Of course, no human knows everything. There is no editor, no reporter, no professor that knows everything about all the grammar, all the rules of punctuation, the sheer mass of knowledge You have to have command of, to embody a story, properly, in an almost perfect way.


That is the dragon I chase


I had previously composed and studied in almost every literary genre before starting to edit a news cycle; fiction, non-fiction, creative writing, novella, essay, short stories, ad copy, poems, historic, academic, legal, free prose, critical analysis.

One of the few forms of writing I had shunned was reporting.

So eventually, I thought, “ah, why not?“ Shortly after, I starting a small ‘paperless’ news service online in the Summer of 2008, I then developed a pattern of news coverage:

Amador county news - weekly topics and focus

Top priorities -

Breaking news
Local government
Press releases
Entertainment and events
Editorials and opinion articles

Amador Co. Administration Committee
Jackson, Sutter Creek - councils, planning commissions
Upcountry Community Council

Amador Co. Board of Supervisors
Amador Co. Planning Commission
Ione - councils, planning commissions

ACUSD Board meetings
ACTC meetings (once a month)
Amador Technical Advisory Committee

Amador Water Agency
Plymouth - councils, etc.
AMADOR CITY - councils, etc. (once a month)
Amador LAFCO Meetings
Amador Land Use Committee Meetings
Amador Fire Protection Authority Board Meetings
The Mother Lode Tea Party

Weekend report -
news and events for the weekend crowds, tips, promotions, etc.


Free. Fair. Fast. Fearless.


Typically, there are a list of sites available on the internet [and in person] to collect information that is relevant, timely, and of importance, generally what We think of as “News.”

Take a look at this daily list I have been using;

In it, there are generally eighty to ninety links, a majority of which I’ll visit daily in a quest for fresh news content. That raw content is then filtered down to about ten news stories or less a day on average.

From the reader’s perspective, You can view a random sampling here of what kind of people visit, and what they are looking for at the website;

You can also view a document here that shows total web traffic for the ten months the website has existed at the current URL;
Statistics for amadorcountynewsorg_netfirms_com - Last 12 Months

There, it explains how the news website has drawn in around 60,000 visitors so far, about 6,000 a month on average and now with about 400 visitors a day it appears to be growing.

And to each one I would like to say, thank You for Your time and Your patronage.


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