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Amador District Attorney Finds Sheriff Shooting Justified

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Amador District Attorney Finds Sheriff Shooting Justified
January 23, 2012

(Amador county, Calif.) -- The Amador County District Attorney has anounced this week that his office found a Amador Sheriff’s deputies’ shooting was justified in a recent altercation with a Pine Grove man.

The Amador county D.A. stated that his office will not take any criminal action against the two Amador Sheriff’s Deputies who shot and killed 59-year-old Gaylord Story of Pine Grove. On September 24, 2011, the Amador Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a woman stating that she saw Mr. Story on her property and he appeared to have a gunshot wound. She called dispatch again to report that he had just broken into her home and she fled to a nearby neighbor’s home.

Deputies responding to the caller’s home could see that Mr. Story was concealing a large knife as he ran toward the wooded area behind two outbuildings. As the deputies followed him, he suddenly appeared from behind an outbuilding, raised a large butcher knife over his shoulder, and ran toward the deputies. The deputies were forced to shoot to protect themselves, and Mr. Story was shot approximately 15 feet away from the deputy he was attacking.

The autopsy report indicated that he died from high-velocity gunshot wounds of the torso and noted a significant stab wound to the liver. It was determined that for unknown reasons, Mr. Story had stabbed himself three times that afternoon.

The Amador County District Attorney stated that based upon the known facts and the applicable law, the two deputies who fired were legally justified in shooting Mr. Story.


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