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News and commentary from Amador county California.

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Silver Lake, Amador County CA

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News and commentary from Amador county California.

June 1 2011

News in Amador county California- Part one

May 25 2011

ACUSD Board Meeting May 25 2011.pdf

Amador Public Works Meeting May 25 2011.pdf

Joint Planning and Board of Supervisors Meeting May 25-26 2011.pdf

Ongoing General Plan Update Process

Staff Report for Joint Panel Meeting.pdf

May 24 2011

4 banks accounts at 14 years old

AFPD Board Meeting May 24 2011.pdf

Amador County News May 24 2011

May 23 2011

NEWS FLASH! - Amador County High School Student Stabbed

Amador County News May 23 2011

Jackson City Council Meeting May 23 2011.pdf

Missing Airplane Found

Sutter Creek Administrative Committee May 23 2011.pdf

May 20 2011

Amador County News May 20 2011

May 19 2011

Amador County News May 19 2011

Artists Aim for One Million Drawings on World Drawing Day

Bogus bomb bank robber suspect caught

Equine herpes outbreak hits Western States

Soros dumps almost a Billion in Gold - Gold Bust on its way

May 18 2011

Amador County News May 18 2011

A positive message for kids wherever the Ambassadors play

Amador Water Agency Meeting May 18 2011.pdf

Amador county Technical Advisory Committee Meeting May 18 2011.pdf

IMF Head refused bail after appearance in New York court

NASA Mission Will Observe Earth-s Salty Seas for Climate Clues

Tea Party Attacks Gingrich, Romney, R.I.N.O.s

May 17 2011

Amador County News May 17 2011

2011 AMGEN Tour of California Stage 3 Ione

Amador County Law Enforcement Arrest Parolee

Amador Investigation Leads to Burglary Arrest

Amador county Administrative Committee May 17 2011.pdf

Amador- Board of Equalization Agenda May 17 2011.pdf

Sutter Creek Plaza Committee May 18 2011

May 16 2011

Amador County News May 16 2011

Amador County Sheriff Deputies Make Burglary Arrest

Amador county Board of Supervisors Meeting May 17 2011.pdf

Jackson Planning Commission Meeting May 16 2011.pdf

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting May 16 2011

SUNDAY EDITION - May 15 2011

As Bahrains Abuses Grow, U.S. Stays on Sidelines

Few Troops Exposed to Bomb Blasts Are Screened For Concussion

In Fine Print, Banks Require Struggling Homeowners to Waive Rights

More War Vets Treated by VA Are Struggling With Mental Health Problems

Regulators Inch Forward on Investigations, Settlements of Dubious CDO Dealings

Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking

Watch out Whistleblowers- Congress and Courts Move to Curtail Leaks

May 13 2011

Amador County APAL Humane Society- Whiskers & Wine

Camanche water customers invited to meet Amador Water Agency directors

Community members tour Buckhorn Water Treatment Recycling Plant

First Annual Hein & Co. Parking Lot Sale

Goodbye Charlie

Ione Homecoming

Small Farm Planning Workshop

Spring Fling for Amador STARS

May 12 2011

NEWS FLASH!! - 2011 AMGEN Tour of California

Amador County News May 12 2011

Art on 49 Spring Fling

2nd Annual- The Red Dress Party

Director of Finance says no easing up on closing budget

May 11 2011

Amador County News May 11 2011

Amador County SWOT Analysis and Place Word Associations.pdf

Economic Development, Community Character, Quality of Life.pdf

PUSH America- Journey of Hope 2011

Plymouth City Council Meeting May 12 2011

May 10 2011

Amador County News May 10 2011

History- Alive and well in Fiddletown

May 9 2011

SCOOPED !! - Judges Rule in Never-Ending Casino Case

SCOOPED !! - The Casino Ruling in Full- May 6 2011

Amador County News May 9 2011

Amador County Planning Commission May 10 2011

China- Spying Seeks Secret US Info

Jackson City Council Meeting May 9 2011

Reduced revenue forces AWA to look at major reorganization

May 6 2011

18th Annual Plymouth Main Street Flea Market

A Taste of Gold 2011

AWA Directors sign one-year contract with G.M. Mancebo

Amador County Weekend News May 6-8 2011

Amador Erase your E-waste Electronics disposal day May 7

Amador Master Gardeners present Spring Expo and plant sale May 7

Buckhorn Water Treatment recycling plant open for tour and dedication

Ione 2nd Annual Classic Car Show

Volcano Theatre Company 38th Season

May 5 2011

Feinstein earns Farm Bureau endorsement for Senate re-election

Phantom Ray- Unmanned, Fighter Jet Makes First Flight

SEC Charges Six Executives With Financial Fraud

Steve Jobs denies location-gate

Tuolumne County may end its affiliation with the Central Sierra Planning Council

May 4 2011

Amador County News May 4 2011

Beginning Small Farm Planning Workshop

DWR announces results of final snow survey of season

Deutsche Bank faces U.S. mortgage fraud lawsuit

Quality musicians by night The Wicked Sisters

May 2 2011

AWA proposes special fee for Martell wastewater expansion

Amador County News May 2 2011

Assemblymember Huber to Hold Open House in Lodi

CAL FIRE Encourages Homeowner Preparedness

Hospice holds 14th Annual Art on the Lawn Fundraiser

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