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News and commentary from Amador county and El Dorado county California.

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Silver Lake, Amador County CA

The Latest News Headlines

News and commentary from Amador county and El Dorado county California.

March 31 2011

AWA directors to meet with Upcountry water customers

Amador County News March 31 2011

Amador Flower Farm Spring Fling

Amador county- New Reverse911® Self Registration Portal

April is Paralyzed Veterans of America Awareness Month

EPA conducts radiological monitoring -Update

El Dorado County News March 31 2011

Fitch- Cameron Park Community Services District Bonds at AA

Prom and Graduation Fashion Show

Second Look- AWA Says not confused at all about GSL

March 30 2011

4-H Presents Top Honors at Annual Legacy Awards

Aftershock- The Blast That Shook Psycho Platoon

California Solar Initiative Largest System in Long Beach

Changes made in Sierra Wildlife Rescues April classes

Chicken Fat Studied by NASA as Eco-friendly Jet Fuel

March Madness May Pose Risks for Gambling Addicts

NASA Offers Schools and Education Groups Chance to Talk to Space

Public Donates Over $120 Million to American Red Cross to Assist Japan

Reducing cardiovascular risk factors

Scientists Fly Through the Clouds to Piece Together Climate Puzzle

March 29 2011

Amador County News March 29 2011

El Dorado County News March 29 2011

Chamber of Commerce Lobbies to Weaken Anti-Corruption Law

China rockets to second in science publications

El Dorado County Senior of the Year 2011

Meet the feds workshops come to Placerville

No Use for the United States Costly Much-Touted F-22 Fighter Jet in Libya

Oil Companies That Gave Bonuses to Libya Also Lobbied Against Disclosure Rules

Oil Exec Undercuts Criticism of Slow Approval Process for Deepwater Wells

Second Look- CAWP rate increase...again Is AWA confused

March 28 2011

Missing Snowboarder Found Dead

Missing Snowboarder Found Alive

Amador County News March 28 2011

Amador Learning Center - Affordable college for all

Cameron Park Skate Park Forum April 14

El Dorado County News March 28 2011

Eldorado National Forest dirt roads remain closed Until May

Jackson City Council Meeting March 28 2011

Pollock Pines Roofs collapse from snowfall

Workshops- tourism growth and econ development March 29

March 25 2011

3rd Annual Bowl-a-Thon March 26 2011

Amador County News March 25 2011

NEWS FLASH! - Challenge of Champions

Deaver Vineyards Food Fest

El Dorado County News March 25 2011

For Kids Only - Music Show

Friday Is Ladies Night At Clarks Corner

Huge Kids Clothing and Toy Sale in EDH

Join Cooper Vineyards for -Meet the Maker- this Weekend

Learn to create a healthy natural environment in your garden

NEWS FLASH! - 49er Treasure Trail

March 24 2011

Amador County General Plan Update April 5th

Amador County News March 24 2011

Amador Water Agency Meeting March 24 2011

California History Day At The Kennedy Mine 2011

Classes for volunteering to rehabbing wildlife held in April

El Dorado County News March 24 2011

Lake Tahoe Federal Advisory Meeting Next Week

Plymouth City Council Meeting March 24 2011

March 23 2011

ACUSD Board Meeting March 23, 2011.pdf

Amador County News March 23 2011

El Dorado County News March 23 2011

Farmers take their concerns to state Capitol

Placerville City Council Meeting March 22 2011.pdf

The NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program

March 22 2011

Amador County News March 22 2011

Amador Regional Sanitation Authority Meeting March 23 2011

El Dorado County News March 22 2011

El Dorado LAFCO Meeting March 23 2011.pdf

El Dorado Sheriff Announces Safety Pup Program for Children.pdf

Update- Amador Community College Foundation

March 21 2011

Amador County News March 21 2011

El Dorado County News March 21 2011

NEWS FLASH! - Fish Bowl Politics - Grading the Supervisors

Fish Bowl Politics - News We Can Use

Gold Rush Implementation Committee Meeting

Jackson Planning Commission Meeting March 21 2011

Nominations Now Accepted for 2011 Recycler Ricky Award

Sutter Creek City Council Meeting March 21 2011

UN carries out first review of US human rights record

March 20 2011

Sutter Creek Murder Suspect Caught in International Man-Hunt

March 19 2011

California Public Health- Risk of Radiation Exposure

Desolation Wilderness permits soon to be available online

EID Receives Grant from Sierra Nevada Conservancy

How to Talk to Kids About Tragedies, Disasters

New Forest Biology Research Center opens at UC Davis

Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Systems

Spring Clean up for Your Finances

Temporary Suspension of the Emerging Renewables Program.pdf

U.S. Composting Council Helps Fight Landfill Ban Repeals

American Red Cross to Assist Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Survivors

March 18 2011

Amador County News March 18 2011

Daffodil Hill Scheduled to Open, had to be Postponed

Deaver Vineyards Food Fest

NEWS FLASH! - Preston Castle Tours

Visit Jackson for Dandelion Days

El Dorado County News March 18 2011

Actor Jeffrey Weissman to appear in Placerville

Woodcutting now permitted year-round in the Eldorado National Forest

CIA contractor released from Pakistan

FOIA Eyes Only- How Buried Statutes Are Keeping Information Secret

Libyan rebels and Gaddafi troops in battle on two fronts

NEWS FLASH! - UN Security Council approves Libya no-fly zone

March 17 2011

NEWS FLASH! - Amador County Public Health Radiation Inquires

Amador County News March 17 2011

Amador County LAFCO Meeting March 17 2011.pdf

Amador Water Agency Meeting March 17 2011

Amador County Transportation Commitee 03-16-2011.pdf

Amador County- Ongoing General Plan Update

Annual -I Love Film- film industry mixer in Placerville

Catching Wild Pigs

Will Endangered Species Dominate March Madness

Workshops on tourism, growth and economic development

March 16 2011

NEWS FLASH! - Funding for juvenile facility will likely be cut

NEWS FLASH! - Sutter Creek Possible Murder Investigation

Amador County News March 16 2011

Amador County TAC Meeting March 16 2011

Amador County participates in the nationwide Take-Back program

Caltrans plan to close U.S. Highway 50 at Echo Summit late April

El Dorado County News March 16 2011

March 15 2011

NEWS FLASH! - National alert issued for El Dorado county runaway

Amador County News March 15 2011

Concern the current budget fiasco will end up like the last

El Dorado County News March 15 2011

Keep Preston Youth Facility Open

Wanted Person for Receiving Stolen Property

March 14 2011

Amador County News March 14 2011

El Dorado County News March 14 2011

Good News for Watershed Protection Projects in the Sierra

Microsoft- New Licensing Option for Academic Institutions

Social Media Ad Performance Surges with Celebrity

Weatherization Services for Income-Qualified El Dorado County Residents

March 12 2011

Better Business Bureau says beware of charity scams

Bugs in the Deepest Darkest Depths of Tahoe Disappearing

NEWS FLASH! - Change your clocks, change your batteries

Gain International Exposure as Sponsors for the 2011 Amgen Tour

National Alliance on Mental Illness has Programs to Bring Hope

New Placerville Courthouse Potential Site Approved

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) grant program

Selecting a Quality Driving School for Teens

Space Shuttle Discovery lands for final time

Stephen Engelberg Shares His Thoughts on Long-Form Storytelling

March 11 2011

NEWS FLASH! - Amador County News March 11 2011

NEWS FLASH! - El Dorado County News March 11 2011

County Prosecutors Withheld Evidence About Doctors Credibility

By the Numbers- A Revealing Look at the Mortgage Mod Meltdown

SEC in the Hot Seat, Facing Ongoing Funding Fight and Criticism Over Ethics

Former Bush EPA Official Says Fracking Exemption Went Too Far

PA Governor Gives Energy Executive Supreme Authority Over Environmental Permitting

US Lawmaker Supporting Terrorist Group- Rep Peter King Is not the First

US Considers Arming Libyan Rebels Months After Approving Major Arms Deal Sought by Qaddafi

March 10 2011

Sutter Creek Planning Commissioner Robert Olsen has Died

Amador County News March 10 2011

Amador Water Agency Meeting March 10 2011

Plymouth City Council Meeting March 10 2011

El Dorado County News March 10 2011

Support 4 Soldiers Needs Public Help

Volunteers Needed In Desolation Wilderness

Brief Video Training Dramatically Boosts Hands-Only CPR Attempts

March 9 2011

Amador County Behind the Cellar Door Wine Weekend

California Gold Discovery

Michigan basketball star dies after making game-winning shot

Microsoft waits for death of IE6

Overregulation is making it harder for employers to invest in California

US military brig officials order whistle-blowing suspect to sleep naked

March 8 2011

Amador County News March 8 2011

Amador County Teen Driver Night

El Dorado County News March 8 2011

Obama Makes Indefinite Detention and Military Commissions His Own

Allegations U.S. Gun Agency Allowed Weapons to be Smuggled to Mexico

March 7 2011

Amador County News March 7 2011

Cenergy Power Unveils 272 Kilowatt Solar System

El Dorado County News March 7 2011

Government Report Finds 92 Percent of Nursing Homes Employ Convicts

House Bill Introduced to Correct Medicare Drug Reimbursement

Sustainable development treaty in the making

Treasury Done Very Little to Fix Govt Foreclosure Prevention Program Says Watchdog

March 4 2011

Eldorado County Missing Person at Risk

El Dorado Animal Services Fees to Increase April 1

El Dorado County Compromise of Arrears Program

El Dorado County News March 4 2011

El Dorado County Transit Authority Meeting March 3

Hairspray, Presented by El Dorado Musical Theatre

Amador County News March 4 2011

Amador county Tax Collector will hold a public auction

Kennedy Mine Tours Friday March 4 2011

Comedy Night with Quevaugn Bryant

Amador County - Behind the Cellar Door

Laura Meyer - Gritty folk-rock-blues

March 3 2011

Amador County News March 3 2011

Apple Inc unveils iPad 2 tablet

El Dorado County News March 3 2011

First Deepwater Drilling Permit Since BP Spill Goes to ... a Well Co-Owned by BP

Most BPA-Free Products Found to Leach Chemicals

Photovoltaic Solar Installation at Dulce High School

Red Cross Provides Humanitarian Assistance in North Africa

U.S. Support for War Crimes Investigation of Libya Hinged on Exemption for Americans

March 2 2011

Amador County News March 2 2011

Amador Regional planning for recycling wastewater

City of South Lake Tahoe Council Meeting March 1 2011

EDCTC Meeting March 3 2011

EID Safety Focus Saves Ratepayers Money

El Dorado County News March 03 2011

Garridos Plea Deal Backfires in Duggard Kidnap Case

Senior Follies - shaking off the jitters as they prepare

March 1 2011

Australian Politican predicts -peoples revolt- over carbon tax

NEWS FLASH! - Boiling Bubbles are Cool in Space

California had 3rd worst U.S. job market in 2010

China Issues Green Standards for Rare Earths

China- US Debt Holdings Now at One Trillion Dollars

U.S. Stays Mum as Iraqi Security Forces Kill, Detain and Abuse Protesters

Where Things Stand- U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Libya

Amador County News In Review 2010

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