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News and commentary from Amador county California.

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Silver Lake, Amador County CA

The Latest News Headlines

News and commentary from Amador county California.

June 29 2011

NEWS FLASH! - News in Amador county California - Part four

Amador County News June 29 2011

Amador County's ongoing General Plan Update process

Amador Land Use and Community Development June 30 2011.pdf

Amador Regional Planning Committee June 29 2011

Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century

June 28 2011

Amador County Board of Supervisors Consent Agenda June 28 2011.pdf

Amador County Board of Supervisors Meeting June 28 2011.pdf

After SEC Settlement With JPMorgan, Will Other Banks Pay Too

Bank Errors Continue to Cause Wrongful Foreclosures

Magnetar Deal Prompts SEC Settlement With JPMorgan Chase

June 27 2011

NEWS FLASH! - News in Amador county California- Part three

Amador County News June 27 2011

Any animal can suffer from the heat

Ione City Council Meeting June 27 2011.pdf

Jackson CIty Council Meeting June 27 2011.pdf

June 20 2011

Dodd-Frank Delays Bring Temporary Relief for Banks

Merrill Lynch Investigated for CDO Deal Involving Magnetar

Misdirection in Goldman Sachs Housing Short

More Scrutiny for Doctors Profiting From Medical Devices They Use

June 17 2011

City of Sutter Creek Works on 2011-12 Budget Figures

Sutter Creek City Council Procedures 2011.pdf

Sutter Creek Final Grand Jury Reponse 9-1-10.pdf

Sutter Creek Grand Jury Update No 1 12-6-2010.pdf

Sutter Creek Grand Jury Update No 2 1-18-2011.pdf

June 16 2011

Amador County Administrative Committee June 16 2011.pdf

Amador County News June 16 2011

Amador Water Agency Camanche Meeting June 16 2011.pdf

Behavioral Health Advisory Board Recruitment.PDF

College Students have hard time getting into Los Rios classes

Hearing To Examine Terrorist Recruitment In Prisons

Three new Pertussis cases in Amador county

June 15 2011

Laura Faye Mah will help you master the basics of digital camera use

Parent expresses dissatisfaction to ACUSD about special education services

Raft the Mokelumne River this weekend

Time to Step Up Amador

June 14 2011

Amador county Board of Supervisors Meeting June 14.pdf

AWA ethics questioned again

AWA schedules public workshop to discuss Camanche water system

Amador county Planning Commission Meeting June 14 2011

CALFire- Preparing NOW is Your Best Defense

Ione City Council Meeting June 14 2011

Mercury precautions for fish at Camanche and Pardee Reservoirs

Push America - Journey of Hope 2011

Who Controls the Mokelumne River.pdf

June 13 2011

Amador County News June 13 2011

AWA Financials are in Dire Straits - Condrashoff.pdf

Condrashoff continues to attack AWA over their financial problems

Jackson City Council Meeting June 13 2011

Sutter Creek Planning Commission Meeting June 13 2011

Sutter Creek Lions Charter Membership Meeting

June 9 2011

Activists and Researchers Evidence Shows We Can End the AIDS Epidemic

June 8 2011

Governor Brown slashes cell phone use

June 7 2011

Calaveras Supervisor Wilensky announces last term

Amtrak California ridership and revenue rises dramatically

Aussie student finds universe missing mass

June 6 2011

NEWS FLASH! - News in Amador county California Part two - Who are the people of Amador county

Apply now for NRA Foundation grant

Gaines opposes suction dredging ban

American River Conservancy celebrates Trails Day

June 1 2011

NEWS FLASH! - News in Amador county California- Part one

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