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Devereaux Featured Artist at Hanford St. Gallery

Devereaux Featured Artist at Hanford St. Gallery


Brad Devereaux Featured at Hanford St. Gallery
Thursday, Nov 3 2011

Brad Devereaux's intriguing sculptures will be on display at the Hanford St. Gallery through November 20th. These bright works are built up using workshop scraps and found objects of wood and metal, primed and painted with acrylics and then detailed using oil paints and a vivid imagination.

Every viewer will find their own themes in these both abstract and representational works. Some might find hints of the American Southwest where others discover complex mind games with no complete solutions. The artist has described the work as exploring human inter-relationships and communication. What he finds important is getting people to pause and reflect and "search for an awareness of their own feelings."

Starting with a degree in archeology from the University of Wisconsin in the maelstrom of the counter-culture 60's, Devereaux later earned a Masters in psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. After 16 years as a clinical social worker he transitioned to full time pursuit of his interest in the arts, perhaps, in response to that counter-culture impulse from the past. A quest for the stimulation of color coupled with a need to communicate results in work with an inward centeredness that simultaneously reaches out to touch the viewer.

The Hanford St. Gallery is located next to the Sutter Creek Days Inn at 291 Hanford St. (Old Hwy 49) and is open Thursday thru Saturday from 10 to 5 and Sunday from 11 to 4:30. There will be an artist's reception Saturday November 5th from 4pm to 7pm with refreshments by Ingrid Fraser.

For additional information please contact: Al Herrick; Hanford St. Gallery; 291 Hanford St.; Sutter Creek, CA 95685. 209-267-8074


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